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Paul Granjon's robotic ears

Paul Granjon's robotic ears
ZLab transported
Performance at Blip 36

Sky-rail - boredomresearch

Jon McCormack
Presentation at Blip 38

Sky-rail - boredomresearch

Presentation at Blip 37


Blip Unplugged

Blip is a forum for artists, scientists and members of the public interested in new forms of art that explore generative and procedural processes, interaction, emergence and artificial life. Based in Brighton, UK, between 2002 and 2006 we organized presentations, exhibitions, gigs and three Big Blip festivals. To facilitate access, these events primarily took place in bars, clubs and other public venues in the centre of the city. In 2007 and 2008 we played a role in the Loop Digital Arts festivals that took place in Brighton.

When it was founded, Blip was organized by a small group of volunteers, but in the final years it was led by Alice Eldridge and Jon Bird who are now focusing on other projects. Currently Blip is unplugged, but not junked, and we'd be happy to talk to anybody who has the time and energy to power it up once more.

Thankyou to Arts Council England, Lighthouse, the University of Sussex and the University of Brighton for all their support over the years. Particular thanks to all the artists, musicians, performers, hackers and tinkerers and members of the public who took part in our events.

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