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Precision Modelling pdf Book
Precision Modelling PDF Guide
The Precision Modelling Guide to Blender is a 151 page walk-through of Blenders mesh modelling tools and design techniques. Illustrated with over 600 images it gives a clear and concise introduction to using blender. By progressing through the guide you will be introduced to many of Blenders commonly used modelling tools and also a few of the not so well known ones. The tools are presented in a real working design example with explanations of why the tools are used and not merely a demonstration of the tools in use.

Don't be fooled by the name the guide is useful to anyone wanting a clear introduction to Blenders mesh modelling tools.

Following a number of typos spotted by eagle eyed blender users the guide has had a number of updates correcting mainly minor typos, but also a couple of incorrect keyboard short cuts that may have caused some confusion.

The guide is now on version 006, so if you find some mistakes check the revision number on the bottom left of the cover page next to Robert Burke. If it doesn't say 006 then download the latest revision. If the mistake is still there let me know and I will update it to the next version.

Download the Precision Modelling Guide.
151 Pages
613 Images
4.7 M

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