Blair is not Fair!

Before he became an MP, Prime Minister Blair was a Barrister specialising in employment law. He was his party's spokesman on Employment between 1989 and 1992. He leads a party which was founded to look after the rights of ordinary working people. He insists it still does. While leading the opposition to the Tory government, Blair promised to outlaw employment blacklisting. Now he leads the government, he refuses to do so, insisting that the current employment laws are "fair".

This is what Blair claims is "fair":

There are ways other than blacklisting in which the same effect can be achieved. There's whitelisting, where people who are not on the list can't get a job. A company can also give a false and malicious reference. According to a solicitor who worked for one of the big unions, this "goes on all the time and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it." . He even gave an example of a client who was able to prove that the reference he was given contained a damaging lie, and that the company knew it was a lie. The judge ruled that because he could prove it was a lie, it hadn't prevented him from getting a job, so he wasn't entitled to compensation! Some say that simply refusing a reference achieves the same effect as blacklisting.

Let's face it, some people are just incompetent, and others are sheer hell to work with. I wouldn't want to hire some one like that. However, there is a fairer way of dealing with employees which would also provide recruiters with more reliable information,

Companies used to carry out secret evaluation of employees performance. These days most employers use open evaluations, where the employee knows what is said and has a chance to reply. I see no good reason why these evaluations (including the employee's comments) should not be made available to other potential employers. It wouldn't be perfect, but it would be better than the way things are done at present. Any system where the employee knows what's said and has a chance to reply has to be fairer than one where they don't know what's said. From the employers view, it would vastly improve the recruitment process by giving them much better information.

If Blair was genuinely interested in "economic efficiency with social justice", he would be trying to implement something along these lines, and outlawing unfair practices like blacklisting.

Tory B.Liar = Tory Bloody Liar!