The British people were not consulted about the recent enlargement of the EU, and even during the current European elections campaign, we're not being allowed any say in future enlargements. Six weeks ago (April 24th 2004) the Canadian Parliament became the latest legislature to recognise that Turkey committed genocide against the Armenians, something for which it still refuses to apologise. In another six weeks (July 20th) we will mark the 30th anniversary of Turkey's invasion of Cyprus and the start of its ethnic cleansing of the occupied zone. Only a few weeks ago the EU tried and failed to force a Munich-style agreement on the Greek Cypriots. Their aim was to legitimise Turkey's ethnic cleansing and ease its entry into the EU. Despite their failure it is expected that in November Turkey will be given the go-ahead to start formal negotiations about its entry into the EU. European officials have been issuing statements supporting Turkey's entry. By informal agreement between the politicians and the British media, we voters are being excluded from even discussing these matters. It is an outrage; the silence must be broken.

Turkey murdered 1.5 million Armenians in the first planned genocide of the 20th century. It supported Azerbaijan after the 1988 Sumgait massacre of Armenians & other atrocities. It continues to blockade poverty-stricken Armenia, in support of Azerbaijan, & to pressurise Armenia to stop campaigning for the Genocide to be recognised.

In 1974, Turkey invaded & ethnically cleansed northern Cyprus of it majority Greek Cypriot population. Thousands were murdered and 200,000 Greek Cypriots were forced to become refugees. Britain had a treaty obligation to protect Cyprus, & had two large military bases on the Island, but did nothing. It did not introduce economic sanctions against Turkey. It has provided Turkey with military aid via NATO, and economic aid via the EU. It is even supporting Turkey's bid for membership of the EU. Labour, Tories, Lib-Dems and Greens have all supported this disgusting policy.

According to the propaganda from those who want Turkey in the EU, the fact it is a Muslim country will benefit Europe. This is nonsense. Albania is the only Muslim country in Europe (Turkey is in Asia). Currently Albania does not expect to join until 2010-2015. If having a Muslim country is so important, why isn't Albania being fast-tracked for EU membership? The truth is these people want Turkey in the EU because of its strategic position in relation to the oil producing regions of the Middle East and the Caspian Sea. They don't give two hoots about Human Rights. Its is ridiculous to suggest that we can "create a tolerant multi-ethnic Europe" by taking in a country which behaves like an unreformed Nazi Germany.

The above paragraphs were all written in 2004. On 2nd October 2005, a google news search turned up two news items published that day, both of which indicated that oil lay behind the agressive push for Turkish EU membership (at this time Austria was demanding that a special association between Turkey and the EU should also be a possible outcome of Turkey's entry negotiations).

Japan Today published the following item headed "Turkey urges EU to 'keep its word'"

"On Saturday, EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana warned of the dangers of shutting Turkey out.

"Let's look 25 years ahead and imagine that we have said no to Turkey, that it has been a disaster for the Middle East and there are huge oil and energy crises," Solana told the daily Le Soir newspaper.

"Perhaps we will regret not having said yes to incorporating Turkey into our way of thinking, to our philosophy and our values"

Meanwhile, Britain's Observer newspaper published a Leader entitled "We need Turkey". Along with the usual spurious excuses, this stated "Europe needs ... the Turkish guarantee of oil and gas from central Asia".

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