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Using information from named authoratative sources, this section of my website explains the decline of the Irish language since the establishment of the Irish Free State in 1922, and proposes a scheme to reverse it. It also contains background information about the current state of the language & people's attitudes to it. The Irish word for the language is Gaeilge, so it is sometimes referred to as Gaelic or Irish Gaelic. The site may be of interest to supporters of other Celtic languages or Lesser-spoken languages (minority languages).

"disturbing but brutally realistic. I hope her comments will be taken with the seriousness they deserve"

Nollaig Ó Gadhra (Irish language writer & Broadcaster) commenting on an early version of A plan to save the Irish Language by creating a New Town in the Gaeltacht (published under a pseudonym).

On a very slow internet connection (14.4k) the first page takes 24 seconds to download (the rest of the site is much faster). You may speed this up by setting your browser so it doesn't download graphics. If you're happy to proceed, then read the plan.

Not thoroughly researched like my Irish language section. Here are some of my thoughts on
Crime and Punishment

This section was added during the campaign for the 2004 European Parliament elections. Its mainly aimed at people in Britain, but others might find it interesting. I want to emphasise that I've had nothing but friendly relations with Turkish people. Unless they personally chose to identify themselves with it, I do not blame them for the actions of the Turkish state.

Say No to Turkey's EU membership
When voting Lib-Dem is worse than voting BNP

I added the following update after 7/10/04, when the European Commission (not the Council of Ministers) agreed to start entry negotiations with Turkey.

The Guardian fails the test
The authentic voice of Turkish nationalism

Some of my thoughts on UK Politics
Stop politicians lying in Parliament
Blair is not fair!
The Tories wrecked the pension system
The Greens are unprincipled
Kick them while they're down
The fatest children in Europe
Blair doesn't give a damn about ordinary workers

"Hampshire police are ignorant, stupid, lazy, lying, worthless parasites."

R.A.McCartney, 2004 AD.

"Success has nothing to do with intellectual ability. The Neanderthals had bigger brains than us, and they're extinct."

R.A.McCartney, 2000 AD.