World War 2 Army Service Records

(Please read these instructions carefully to prevent delay)

As mentioned earlier all Army Service Records covering the Second World War and up to present date are closed for 75 yrs. This is real terms means you will have to wait until 2020 before you will be able to view anyone's Service Record. Fortunately the restriction is not in place for

1) The owner of the document ie. The Serviceman/woman involved (If you are then you may grant permission in writing for another to obtain your record. )

2) The Official next-of-kin for that Serviceman/woman. If that Serviceman/woman has died.If the Serviceman died within service then proof of death is not required. If he died out of service then written confirmation (such as a copy of the death certificate) must be obtained and sent withn your application.

(If you dont know whether you are the Official next-of-kin then please check my Next of Kin page for specific details. Please do not guess! this as it is an offence to obtain a Service record if you are not.

All Army Service Record requests must be sent (in writing .The MOD does not support request by email)

to the following address :-

(Please include as much detail about the person requested)

Army Personnel Centre
Historic Disclosures
Mail Point 400
Kentigern House
65 Brown Street
G28 EX
Telephone No. - not available -
Fax No. - not available

Please note : With the exception of personal requests the MOD may levy a charge of £25 (correct Nov. 2000) for recovering the Service Record.

Updated October 2nd 2002.- Thanks for Phil Lees for update.-