General Army Terms


ADS Advanced Dressing Station
CCS Casualty Clearing Station
Bn Battalion
Company See Unit Descriptions (Body of about 130 men ) abbrev. "Coy."
COMPO Rations
FDS Field Dressing Station
HAA Heavy Anti-Aircraft
HQ Headquarters
LAA Light Anti-Aircraft
LMG Light Machine Gun (US term. Squad Automatic Weapon)
MOD Ministry of Defence
PRO Public Record Office (Situated in Kew,London)
RA Royal Artillery
RAC Royal Armoured Corps (Tank Corps)
RAF Royal Air Force
RAMC Royal Army Medical Corps
RAP Regimental Aid Post
Regiment See Unit Descriptions (Body of about 850 men organised by British Counties ie Suffolk Regiment) abbrev. "Regt"
RFC Royal Flying Corps (Early WW1 RAF)
SB Stretcher Bearer
TOE Table of Organisation and Equipment (Unit Structure)