Family of Rene Martin & Etiennette Poirier




Rene Martin was born (unknown), and died (unknown).


Wife Etiennette Poirier was born (unknown), and died (unknown).  They were married (unknown).



Their children were:


1- Pierre Martin b: Abt. 1601  Bourgueil, Anjou, France; d: Bef. 1678  Port Royal, Acadia  

            +Catherine Vigneau  b: Abt. 1603  France; m: 30 June 1630  St. Germain de Bourgueil, Touraine, France; d: Bet. 1671 - 1678  Port Royal, Acadia         


2- Robert Martin  b:  Bourgueil, Anjou, France          




Parents of Rene Martin  -  unknown

Parents of Etiennette Poirier  -  unknown



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