Family of Hans Jacob Schaaf & Anna Maria Foltzloger




Hans Jacob Schaaf was baptized 24 June 1683 at Schoenenbourg, Bas-Rhin, France, and died in Louisiana.


Wife Anna Maria Foltzloger was born (unknown), and died in Louisiana.  They were married (unknown).



Their children were:


1- Anne Marguerite Schaaf b: Abt. 1706  France; d: December 1778  Edgard, St. John, LA; burial: 10 December 1778 St. John Baptist, Edgard, LA

            +Ambros Heidel  b: 15 November 1702  Neunkirchen, Wurzburg, Germany (baptism: 15 November 1702 Neunkirchen, Wurzburg, Germany with his twin); m: Abt. 1722  Louisiana; d: Bet. 1767 - 1774  Edgard, St. John, LA


2- Catharina Perrine Schaaf b: Abt. 20 November 1708  Schoenenbourg, Bas-Rhin, France (baptism: 20 November 1708 Schoenenbourg, France); d: Aft. 1734           

            +Antoine Jacques La Roche Beauvilier  b: Abt. 1705; m: Abt. 1728  New Orleans, LA; d: 26 March 1736  Memphis, TN    


3- Joannes Antoni Schaaf  b: Abt. 1 May 1712  Schoenenbourg, Bas-Rhin, France (baptism: 1 May 1712 Schoenenbourg, France); d: 1766  Edgard, St. John, LA          

            +Marguerite Schenck  b: Abt. 1715; m:  Abt. 1737  St. Charles, LA; d: Aft. 1753


Notes for Joannes Antoni Schaaf:

- 27 April 1766 (St. John): Succession sale: farm of Antoine Schaaffe sold at public auction for 100 livres.

- 8 March 1770: Vincent Boyer, uncle of the Schoff children (George, Marie married to Pierre Bouvier, Antoine, Mathieu, Anne Barbe married to Christian Jacob), partitioned the succession of their late parents.


4- Anna Maria Schaaf b: Abt. 12 April 1714  Schoenenbourg, Bas-Rhin, France (baptism: 12 April 1714 Schoenenbourg, France); d: Bef. 1765  Louisiana         

            +Jean Pierre Francois Clerot  b: Abt. 1690  Elmain (Ile-aux-Maines), Vannes, Brittany; m: Abt. 1730  Louisiana; d: 20 March 1743  St. Charles, LA; burial: 20 March 1743 St. Charles, LA

      *2nd Husband of Anna Maria Schaaf:                                                        

            +Antoine Francois Steigre    m: 23 July 1743  St. Charles. German Coast, LA


5- Joannis Jacobus Schaaf  b: 7 August 1716  Schoenenbourg, Bas-Rhin, France (baptism: 7 August 1716 Schoenenbourg, France)


6- Maria Eva Schaaf  b: Abt. 3 July 1718  Schoenenbourg, Bas-Rhin, France (baptism: 3 July 1718 Schoenenbourg, France)                      

            +Nichlas Reinhart


7- Marie Madelaine Schaaf  b: 21 January 1721  on La Garonne sailing between France and Louisiana (baptism: 21 January 1721 Brest, France)           




Notes for Hans Jacob Schaaf:

- Sometime in 1720, Johann Jacob Schaaf, his wife, and six children left Keffenach for Lorient where they boarded the ship La Garonne for passage to Louisiana.  Aboard La Garonne a seventh child was born on 21 January 1721 to Johann Jacob Schaaf and Anne Marie Fotzloger, and was named Marie Madelaine.

- Names of those Germans who are actually at Lannion (awaiting transport to Louisiana) as of the 25th of February, 1721 (Conrad, First Families of Louisiana, II, page 150-151), who came off the Garonne.   Includes those Germans at M. Lespion's place.

       CHAUFF, Hans Petre

       LISBILDINE, Marie Wife of Hans Petre Chauff

           CHAUFF, Hans Felte Son of Hans Petre Chauff

           CHAUFF, Marguerite Daughter of Hans Petre Chauff

       CHAUFF, Jacob

       ANNE MARIE Wife of Jacob Shauff

           CHAUFF, Antoine

           CHAUFF, Ansiacop

           CHAUFF, Anna Marguerite

           CHAUFF, Catherine


      Those Germans at M. Morel's place

          CHAUFF, Anna Marie


- The family of Johann Jacob Schaaf reboarded La Garonne commanded by Captain Burat and arrived in Louisiana in the spring of 1721.               




Parents of Hans Jacob Schaaf

Parents of Anna Maria Foltzloger



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