Family of Christmann Scherle & Anna ----




Christmann Scherle was born Abt. 1635, and died (unknown).


Wife Anna ----- was born Abt. 1635, and died (unknown).  They were married (unknown).



Their children were:


1- Anna Margaretha Scherle  b: Abt. 2 June 1664  Bouxwiller, Germany


2- Christina Scherle  b: Abt. 16 September 1666  Bouxwiller, Germany


3- Anna Elizabetha Scherle  b: Abt. 27 March 1669  Bouxwiller, Germany


4- Anna Margaretha Scherle  b: Abt. 4 August 1672  Bouxwiller, Germany (baptism: 4 August 1672 Bouxwiller); d: 11 February 1744  Kirrwiller, Bas Rhin, France

            +Hans Michael Jacob  b: Abt. 1671  Kirrwiller, Bas Rhin, France; m: 3 June 1696  Kirrwiller, Bas Rhin, France; d: 7 May 1743  Kirrwiller, Bas Rhin, France


5- Johann Jacob Scherle  b: Abt. 16 March 1676  Bouxwiller, Germany




Parents of Christmann Scherle  -  unknown

Parents of Anna ----  -  unknown


Items in RED sourced from transcriptions in the following:

- Extracted Registers of Evangelical Church, Kirrwiller and Bouxwiller, Bas-Rhin, France (printed in Les Voyageurs, 2001)


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