Family of Philippe de Saint Julien de La Chaussee & Rosalie Marie Bourgeois




Philippe de Saint Julien de La Chaussee was born Abt. 1728 in France, and died Abt. 1808 in Louisiana.



First wife Francoise Godin was born Abt. 1734 in Acadia, and died Bef. 1759.  They were married Abt. 1751.


Their children were:


1- Jacques LaChausse  b: Abt. 1752; d: Abt. 1769  St. James, LA                           

            +Marie Marthe Leblanc  b: Abt. 1748; m: 7 February 1768  St. James, LA; d: 1 March 1782  Donaldsonville, Ascension, LA


2- Louise Francoise LaChausse  b: Abt. 1754; d: 1 February 1830  Lafourche, LA

            +Joseph Gravois  b: Abt. 1752; m: 2 June 1777  St. James, LA; d: Bef. 1791

      *2nd Husband of Louise Francoise LaChausse:                                                      

            +Francois Belaire  b: Abt. 1754; m: 25 January 1791  St. James, LA; d: 23 December 1794  St. James, LA



Second wife Marguerite Belliveau was born Abt. 1735; m: Abt. 1759; d: Bef. 1765


Their child was:


1- Pierre Philippe LaChausse  b: 28 March 1761  Ste. Anne de Restigouche, Quebec; d: Bef. 1769



Third wife Rosalie Marie Bourgeois was born 29 May 1732 at Beaubassin, Acadia (baptism: 29 May 1732 Beaubassin), and died 26 October 1780 at St. Jacques de Cabahannocer, LA.  Burial was 27 October 1780 at St. James, LA.  They were married 5 October 1766 at St. Jacques de Cabahannocer, LA.



Their children were:


1- Rosalie LaChausse b: Abt. 1769  St. James, LA; d: 13 October 1827  Lafourche, LA     

            +Basile Prejean  b: Abt. 1768  St. James, LA; m: 16 May 1792  St. James, Cabanocey, LA; d: Abt. 1 June 1818  Lafourche, LA


2- Valentin Philippe LaChausse  b: Abt. 12 January 1772  St. James, LA; d: 9 August 1797  St. James, LA 

            +Pelagie Richard  b: Abt.13 August 1773  St. James, LA; m: 30 April 1792  St. James, LA


3- girl LaChausse  b: 17 July 1773  St. James, LA; d: 18 July 1773  St. James, LA; burial: 18 July 1773 St. James, LA (age 1 day)



Notes for Philippe de Saint Julien de La Chaussee:

- Philippe LaChaussee was in Ristagouche in 1761.  He spent a number of years in Acadia before coming to LA.  By 1766 he was at St. Jacques on the Miss. R. at No. 13 on the westbank.

- 14 September 1769: Census of St. James, Donaldsonville & Convent, LA: west bank - Philippe Lachaussee 41 surgeon, wife Rose Bergeron 37, Louise 14 daughter, stepson Paul Gravois 18, stepson Jean Gravois 14.

- 1 January 1777 census for St. James: Lachaussay, surgeon (chirurgien) 50, Marie Bourgeois 46, Louise 22, Rosalie 7, Philipe 5, Joseph Gravois 24 (beau-fils), Jean 22 (beau-fils). 

- Philippe de St. Julien de La Chaussee was the first doctor of medicine known of in St. James.  He served during the latter 1750's to the time of his death in 1808.  He was a Frenchman who had spent a number of years in Acadia before coming to LA.


Notes for Rosalie Marie Bourgeois:

- First husband Pierre Gravois was born Abt. 1730, and died Bef. 1766.  They were married Abt. 1750.



Parents of Philippe de Saint Julien de La Chaussee - unknown

Parents of Rosalie Marie Bourgeois



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