Family of Pierre Chiasson & Marie Peroche




Pierre Chiasson was born in La Rochelle, France, and died Bef. 7 October 1657.


Wife Marie Peroche was born (unknown), and died (unknown).  They were married (unknown).



Their children were:


1- Marie Chiasson  b: Abt. 1631                                           

            +Nicolas Joubert    m: Bef. 1657


2- Louise Chiasson  b: Abt. 1633  St. Sauveur, La Rochelle; d: 8 January 1694  Hotel Dieu, Quebec 

            +Simon Gendron    m: Abt. 1657; d: Bef. 1666          

      *2nd Husband of Louise Chiasson:                                                

            +Jacques Chapelain    m: 14 September 1666  Quebec         


3- Jeanne Chiasson  b: Abt. 1635                                         

            +Jacques Hurtault    m: Bef. 1657


4- Francoise Chiasson  b: Abt. 1637                                     

            +Francois Bonhomme    m: 7 October 1657  St. Nicolas, La Rochelle           


5- Guyon (Denis/Dion) Chiasson b: Abt. 1638  La Rochelle, France; d: Bef. 1693  

            +Jeanne Bernard  b: Abt. 1647; m: Abt. 1666  Acadia; d: Bef. 7 October 1683        

      *2nd Wife of Guyon (Denis/Dion) Chiasson:                                                          

            +Marie Madeleine Martin  b: 29 June 1666  Sillery, Quebec; m: 7 October 1683  Quebec




Parents of Pierre Chiasson  -  unknown

Parents of Marie Peroche  -  unknown



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