Family of Nicolas Jean Bourgeois & Marguerite Bourgeois




Nicolas Jean Bourgeois was born Abt. 1580 at Coutrans, LaFuerte, Champagne, France, and died (unknown).


Wife Marguerite Bourgeois was born (unknown), and died (unknown).  They were married at coupvray en Brie, Champagne, France.



Their children were:


1- Joannis Bourgeois  b: 1614          


2- Charola Bourgeois  b: 1615          


3- Nicolas Bourgeois  b: 1617


4- Catherine Bourgeois  b: 1618


5- Barbara Bourgeois  b: 1620


6- Jacques Bourgeois b: 8 January 1621  Toulouse, France; d: Abt. 1701  Port Royal, Acadia         

            +Jeanne Trahan  b: Abt. 1629  France; m: Abt. 1643  Port Royal, Acadia; d: Abt. 1714  Acadia



Parents of Nicholas Jean Bourgeois

Parents of Marguerite Bourgeois  -  unknown



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