Family of Louis Le Bret & Elizabeth Roy




Louis Le Bret was born Abt. 1680 in La Rochelle, Aunis, France, and died Bef. September 1726 at Mobile, Alabama (Louisiana Territory).


First wife Elizabeth Roy was born Abt. 1681 and died Bet. 1719-1721 in Louisiana.  They wre married Abt. 1702.



Their children were:


1- Elizabeth Brette  b: Abt. 1703


2- Marie Therese Brette  b: Abt. 1705  Notre Dame, La Rochelle, France; d: Bef. April 1752

          +Louis Assailly  b: 5 September 1686  St. Andre, Niort, France; m: 1 May 1724  Mobile, AL (Louisiana Territory); d: Bef. 1743


3- Marie Louise Brette  b: Abt. 1707; d: 27 May 1747  Mobile, AL (Louisiana Territory)

          +Joseph Barbeau dit Boisdore  b: Montreal, Quebec; m: 8 April 1726  Mobile, AL (Louisiana Territory); d: Bef. 1759


4- Perinne Brette  b: Abt. 1709 France; d: Abt. 20 March 1761  Pointe Coupee, LA

          +Nicolas Lacour  b: Abt. 1700  Normandie, France; m: 9 September 1726  St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans, LA; d: Abt. 27 December 1761  Pointe Coupee, LA


5- Renee Brette  b: Abt. 1711


6- Marianne Thereze Brette  b: Abt. 1713; d: Aft. 1754

          +Pierre Barre     m: Abt. 1737

        *2nd Husband of Marianne Thereze Brette:

          +Marin Lenormand  b: Rouen, France; m: 8 February 1748; d: Bef. 1766


7- Louis Dominique Brette  b: Abt. 1715; d: 29 September 1744  Mobile, AL (Louisiana Territory)


8- Jeanne Brette  b: Abt. 1717



 Second wife Marie Baudoin was born unknown, and died unknown.   They were married 16 August 1721 at St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans, LA.




Notes for Louis Le Bret:

- 17 March 1719: The Le Bret party were included on the passenger list as private passengers for La Dauphine sailing from Lyon and bound for Louisiana from La Rochelle:  Sieur Louis Le Bret, wife Elizabeth Le Roy, children Elizabeth, Thereze, Louise, Perrine, Renee, Marianne Thereze, Louis & Jeanne.
- Maduell's Census Tables for the French Colony of Louisiana (June 1721):  Louis BREST listed as resident of Mobile with his 5 children (but not his wife). Elisabeth may have died during the trip or shortly after arrival.  

Parents of Louis Le Bret - unknown

Parents of Elizabeth Roy - unknown



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