Family of Jean Hebert & Marie Claire Dugas




Jean Hebert was born Abt. 1705 at Beaubassin, Acadia, and died Abt. 1751 in Acadia.


Wife Marie Claire Dugas was born Abt. 1706 in Acadia, and died 13 February 1759 in hospital, St. Malo, Ille et Villaine, France.  They were married Abt. 1727 in Acadia.



Their children were:


1- Marie Madeleine Hebert  b: Abt. 1727  Beaubassin, Acadia; d: Aft. 1772  France          

            +Pierre Blanchard  b: Abt. 1721  Acadia; m: Abt. 1749  Ile St. Jean, Acadia; d: 1758  at sea during crossing to France


Notes for Marie Madeleine Hebert:

- 1752 Ile St. Jean census (La Traverse): Pierre Blanchard junior 31 ploughman, wife Marie Hebert 25 Jean Pierre 20 months.  Been in the country one year.  In live stock they have one ox, one cow and three pigs.  The land upon which they are settled is situated as in the preceding cases.  It was given to them verbally by Monsieur de Bonnaventure.  On it they have made a clearing and out of that a garden.

- 23 January 1759: The family of four persons was transported to France on one of the ‘Five Ships’.  Only the widow disembarked.  She lived in Ploubalay 1750-1772.


2- Francoise Hebert  b: Abt. 1731  Beaubassin, Acadia; d: Aft. 1752


3- Elizabeth Hebert  b: Abt. 1733  Beaubassin, Acadia; d: Aft. 1752 


4- Pierre Hebert  b: Abt. 1735  Cobequit, Acadia; d: Aft. 1785  Louisiana     

            +Madeleine Blanchard  b: Abt. 1729  Acadia; m: Abt. 1755  Ile St. Jean; d: 17 March 1759  St. Malo, Isle-et-Villaine, France

      *2nd Wife of Pierre Hebert:                                                           

            +Susanne Pitre  b: Abt. 1730  Cobequit, Acadia; m: 30 June 1760  Pleurtuit, Ille-et-Villaine, France; d: 20 June 1786  Pointe Coupee, LA; burial: 21 June 1786 Pointe Coupee


Notes for Pierre Hebert:

- 23 January 1759: Pierre & Madeleine disembarked at St. Malo from one of the ‘Five Ships.’  He lived in Ploubalay 1759-1772.

- 1785 La Ville d'Archangel - Pierre Hebert 50, Suzanne Pitre 55, Marie 24, Pierre 22, Francois 18, Joseph 15, Mathurin 13, Jean Baptiste 1; Marguerite Henry 35 (daughter-in-law)


5- Anne Hebert b: Abt. 1737  Beaubassin, Acadia; d: Aft. 1797  Lafourche, LA       

            +Jean Baptiste Blanchard  b: Abt. 1733; m: Abt. 1754  Ile St Jean, Acadia; d: Abt. 1758  At sea during crossing to France       

      *2nd Husband of Anne Hebert:                                                      

            +Joseph Aucoin  b: 1721  Cobequit, Acadia; m: 15 October 1759  Ploubalay, Bretagne, France; d: Bet. 1785-1795  Pointe Coupee, LA


6- Jean Hebert  b: Abt. 1738  Acadia; d: 1758  at sea during crossing to France


7- Helene Hebert  b: Abt. 1740  Acadia; d: Aft. 1785           

            +Pierre Aucoin  b: Abt. 1742  Acadia; m: 17 May 1763  Ploubalay, France; d: Aft. 1785


Notes for Helene Hebert:

- 1785 La Ville d’Archangel: Pierre Aucoin 44, Helene Hebert 44, Victoire 20, Anne 15, Jean 13, Francoise 11  [marginal note in records: this family did not embark].  They possibly did not leave France.


8- Marie Josephe Hebert  b: Abt. 1742  Acadia; d: 30 June 1781  Villou, France; burial 1 July 1781  Tremereuc, Cotes du Nord, France     

            +Joseph Aucoin  b: Abt. 1743  Acadia; m: 5 March 1764  Ploubalay, France; d: Bef. 1788  Lafourche, LA


Notes for Marie Josephe Hebert:

- After their marriage, they lived in St. Coulomb 1761-1763.

- 1785 La Ville d’Archangel: Joseph Aucoin 41, Alexis 20, Fabien 15, Mathurin 14, Joseph 10, Marie Ozitte Braud 40.


9- Victoire Hebert  b: Abt. 1744  Beaubassin, Acadia                                    

            +Julian Briand  b: Abt. 1742  Trigavou; m: 12 January 1763  Ploubalay, France         



Notes for Jean Hebert:

- 1752 Census,Ile Saint Jean, Grand Ascension: Claire Dugast, widow of the late Jean Hebert, aged 46 years, she has been in the country one year.  She had two sons and six daughters: Pierre Hebert, aged 17 years; Jean, aged 12 years; Françoise, aged 21 years; Elisabeth, aged 19 years; Anne, aged 15 years; Helene, aged 10 years; Marie Joseph, aged 8 years; Victoire, aged 5 years.  And in stock they have three oxen, one cow, one bull, three wethers, two sows, and two pigs.  [No statement of land holdings included in this listing.}

- 23 January 1759: Claire and her daughters Helene, Marie Josephe, and Victoire disembarked at St. Malo from one of the "Five ships".  The following month Claire died in hospital.



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