Family of Jacques Bonvillain & Charlotte St. Yves




Jacques Bonvillain was born Abt. 1730 in Louisiana, and died Bef. December 1778 in St. James, LA.


Wife Charlotte St. Yves was born Abt. 1740 in St. Charles, LA, and died 22 January 1777 at St. Jacques de Cabahannocy, LA.  They were married Abt. 1758 at St. James, LA.



Their children were:


1- Marie Anne Bonvillain  b: Abt. 1759  St. James, LA; d: 24 March 1826  St. James, LA   

            +Donato Jacques Frederic dit Guedry  b: Abt. 1758; m: 13 July 1789  St. James, LA; d: 15 October 1801  St. James, LA


2- Genevieve Bonvillain  b: Abt. 1761  St. James, LA; d: 19 October 1829  Baton Rouge, LA                     

            +Thomas Courtin  b: Abt. 1750  St. Etienne, Dubourg, Xaintes, France; m: 9 December 1778  Pointe Coupee, LA; d: Aft. 1797


3- Jacques Bonvillain  b: Abt. 1763  St. James, LA; d: Aft. 1798                                          

            +Marie Madeleine Pelagie Lambert  b: Abt. 1770  St. James, LA; m: 7 May 1793  St. James, LA; d: Aft. 1798


4- boy Bonvillain  b: Abt. 1765  St. James, LA   


5- Charlotte Bonvillain  b: Abt. 1768  St. James, LA; d: 27 January 1777 St. James, LA


6- Felicite Bonvillain b: Abt. 1770  St. James, LA; d: Abt. 1799  St. James, LA       

            +Henry Schuyler Thibodaux  b: Abt. 1761  Philadelphia, PA; m: 7 May 1793  St. James, Cabanocey, LA; d: 24 October 1827  Bayou Terrebonne, LA; burial: 24 October 1827 Half Way Cem. near Schriever; reinterred at St. Bridget's Church


7- Pierre Bonvillain  b: Abt. 22 March 1772  St. James, LA (baptism: 22 March 1772 St. James, LA); d: 2 July 1854  Houma, Terrebonne, LA  

            +Marie Therese Carlin  b: Abt. 1774  Edgard, St. John, LA; m: 11 February 1794  St. Martin of Tours, St. Martinville, LA; d: Aft. 1860


8- Jean Baptiste Bonvillain  b: Abt. 29 June 1774  St. James, LA (baptism: 29 June 1774 St. James, LA)



Notes for Jacques Bonvillain:

- Jacques Laroche dit Bonvilain or 'Santiago Bonvilain':  Jacques Laroche was a fusillier with the De Membrede company, French troops of the Miss. Valley and the coast of the Gulf of Mexico in 1745.  He was a prisoner of the English, and freed on 15 September 1763. [J. La Roche on general roll of LA Troops 1720-1770.  Discharged 15 September 1763.]  He is in the military census of the LA colony for 1766 as a member of the company of Boisclair on the German Coast.  He is listed with his wife, his 2 sons and 2 daughters and no slaves.  Later recorded as his age at 30 and his wife at 20, his 2 sons are 2 years and 4 months, and his daughters are 6 years and 4 years.  He has a horse, a cow, 3 young calves, 2 -------, and an arpent of land, given the title as his pension from the De Membrede company.  Source: Some late 18th century Louisiana census records, 1758-1796 by J. K. Voorhies, Lafayette, USL 1973.           


- 1 January 1777 St. James, LA census (left bank): Jacques Bonvillain 47, Charlotte Sintive 36, Marianne 17, Genevieve 15, Jacques 13, Charlotte 8, Felicite 6, Jean Baptiste 3, boy 2.                          



Parents of Jacques Bonvillain

Parents of Charlotte St. Yves  -  unknown



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