Family of Gabriel (dit Pierre) Chiasson & Marie Savoie




Gabriel (dit Pierre) Chiasson was born Abt. 1667 in Acadia, and died 10 April 1741 at Beaubassin, Acadia.  Burial was 11 April 1741 at Beaubassin.


Wife Marie Savoie was born Abt. May 1670 at Port Royal, Acadia, and died Bef. 1714 in Acadia.  They were married Abt. 1688 at Port Royal, Acadia.



Their children were:


1- Michel Chiasson  b: Abt. 1689  Acadia


2- Pierre Chiasson  b: Abt. 1691  Acadia; d: Bef. 1700  Acadia


3- Jean Baptiste Chiasson  b: Abt. 1693  Acadia; d: 12 February 1758  St. Pierre du Nord, Ile St. Jean; burial: 13 February 1758 Ile St. Jean

            +Madeleine Boudrot  b: Abt. 1698  Beaubassin, Acadia; m: 13 February 1714  Beaubassin, Acadia; d: 16 August 1721  Beaubassin, Acadia; burial: 10 August 1721 Beaubassin

      *2nd Wife of Jean Baptiste Chiasson:                                                         

            +Marie Pitre  b: 31 March 1705  Port Royal, Acadia (baptism: 1 April 1705 Port Royal); m: 28 May 1722  Port Royal, Acadia; d: 24 August 1757  St. Pierre du Nord, Ile St. Jean; burial: 25 August 1757 Ile St. Jean


4- Marie Josephe Chiasson  b: Abt. 1694  Acadia; d: 1758  at sea during crossing to France

            +Jacques Quimine  b: Abt. 1692  Pannemart, Nantes, France; m: 7 February 1715  Beaubassin, Acadia; d: 1758  at sea during crossing to France


Notes for Marie Josephe Chiasson:

- 1752 Ile St. Jean census:  Jacques Quimine, fisherman and ploughman, native of France, in feeble health, aged 60 years.  Married to Marie Chiasson, native of l'Acadie, aged 58 years, they have been in the country ten years.  They have four children, one son and three daughters: Pierre Quimine, aged 26 years; Judith, aged 20 years; Francoise, aged 18 years; Marguerite, aged 14 years.  Their live stock is as follows: four oxen, four cows, two calves, three heifers, four wethers, eight pigs, eight geese, and eighteen fowls or chickens.  The land upon which they are settled is situated to the east of the pond of Saint-Pierre, and was granted to them by Messieurs de Pensens and Dubuisson. On it they have sown nine bushels of wheat and four bushels of peas, and there remains a piece of fallow land sufficient for the sowing of sixteen bushels. The said grant has been homolgated by Messieurs de Brouilland and Le Normant.


5- Francois Chiasson  b: Abt. 1697  Acadia; d: 14 February 1759  St. Servan, Bretagne, France       

            +Anne Doucet  b: 26 August 1703  Port Royal, Acadia (baptism: 9 September 1703 St. Jean Baptiste, Port Royal); m: 3 November 1722  Port Royal, Acadia; d: 1758  at sea during the crossing to France 


Notes for Francois Chiasson:

- 1752 census Ile St. Jean:  Francois Chiasson, ploughman, native of l'Acadie, aged 60 years, he has been 25 years in the country. Married to Anne Dousset, native of l'Acadie, aged 48 years.  They have seven children, five sons and two daughters: Jean Chiasson, aged 25 years; Francois, aged 22 years; Joseph, aged 19 years; Louis, aged 13 years; Cristome, aged 3 years; Anne, aged 16 years; Marie, aged 12 years.  They have in live stock six oxen, six cows, one bull, two heifers, five calves, twenty wethers, twelve pigs, and twenty fowls or chickens.  The land upon which they are settled is situated on the west side of the harbour aux Sauvages, and was granted to them by Messieurs de Pensens and Dubuisson. They have made a clearing on it for the sowing of sixty-eight bushels, and have sown twenty-four bushels of wheat.

- 23 January 1759: Francois Chiasson, widower, and sons Chrisostome & Louis disembarked at St. Malo from one of the ‘Five Ships’.


6- Pierre Chiasson  b: Abt. 1701  Acadia; d: 18 July 1712  Grand Pre, Acadia


7- Abraham Chiasson  b: Abt. 1703  Acadia; d: Bef. 12 August 1763

            +Marie Poirier  b: Abt. 1709  Beaubassin, Acadia; m: Abt. 1724  Beaubassin, Acadia


8- Francoise Chiasson  b: Abt. 1705  Acadia; d: Bef. 24 October 1769        

            +Guillaume Gallet  b:  St. Meloise, Brittany; m: 7 February 1722  Beaubassin, Acadia; d: Abt. 1741   

      *2nd Husband of Francoise Chiasson:                                                        

            +Guillaume Patry  b: Abt. 1714  St. Brieux; m: 4 October 1741  St. Pierre du Nord, Ile St. Jean; d: Aft. 1768


Notes for Francoise Chiasson:

- 1752 Ile St Jean census: Guillaume Patris, fisherman and ploughman, native of Saint Brieux, aged 38 years, he has been in the country 20 years. Married to Francoise Chiasson, widow of the late Guillaume Gallet, native of l'Acadie, aged 46 years.  They have six children, four sons and two daughters: Guillaume Gallet, aged 22 years, Francois Gallet, aged 12 years, George Patris, aged 8 years, Paul, aged 5 years, Francois, aged 15 years, Angelique, aged 7 years.  They have in live stock: two oxen, two cows, one calf, six wethers, one pig, two geese, and eight turkeys.  The land on which they are settled was granted to them in form by Messieurs Aubert and Dubuisson in 1723, but they cannot produce the deed, it having been burnt in the fire of 1724. They have made a clearing, where they have sown three bushels of wheat, and they have fallow land besided for the sowing of thirty-seven bushels.

- 23 January 1759: Guillaume Patry, wife Francoise Chiasson and children Georges, Paul & Angelique disembarked at St. Malo from one of the ‘Five Ships’.  They lived at LaGouesniere 1759-1761, and St. Servan 1761-1765.

- 9 March 1765: Family left France on the ship Le Duc de Choiseul to live at Miquelon.

- 1 March 1768: Family returned to St. Malo from La Rochelle.  They settled in St. Malo 1768-1772.


9- Anne Chiasson  b: Abt. 1708  Beaubassin, Acadia; d: 10 November 1772  L'Assomption, Quebec

            +Michel Dufaut  b: Abt. 1708; m: 4 February 1732  St Pierre du Nord, Ile St. Jean; d: Aft. 1743


Notes for Anne Chiasson:

- 17 May 1743: Deed of sale for land on Ile St. Jean: Michel Dufaut sold to Claude Chatel for 35 livres.


10- Marguerite Chiasson  b: Abt. 1710  Acadia; d: 22 January 1780  St. Thomas, Montmagny, Quebec           

            +Rene Pierre Daguet  b: Abt. 1708; m: Abt. 1729  Acadia


11- Judith Chiasson b: Abt. 1711  Acadia; d: Abt. 13 December 1758  in the shipwreck of Violet on way to France 

            +Charles La Croix dit Durel  b:  Coutances, France; m: 12 September 1730  St. Pierre du Nord, Ile St. Jean; d: Bet. 1741 - 1747  Acadia           

      *2nd Husband of Judith Chiasson:                                                  

            +Pierre Le Prieur  b: Abt. 1725  St. Pierre, Ile St. Jean; m: 13 September 1748  Beaubassin, Acadia; d: Aft. 1757




Notes for Gabriel (dit Pierre) Chiasson:

- 1693 Port Royal: Gabriel Chiason 26, Marie Savoye 25, Michel 4, Pierre 2, 4 cattle, 6 sheep, 3 hogs, 3 arpents, 1 gun. 

- 1700 Beaubassin: Gabriel Chiasson 40, Marie Savoye 33, Michel 14, Jean 8, Marie 6, Francois 3; 3 cattle, 1 hog, 3 arpents, 1 gun. 

- 1701 Port Royal: Gabriel Chiasson, wife, 3 boys, 1 girl; 3 cattle, 1 gun. 

- 1714 Port Royal: Gabriel Chiasson (widower), Marie-Joseph, Francois, Abraham, Francoise, Margueritte, Judith.



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