Family of Joseph Frances Smith & Rosannah Hall




Joseph Frances Smith was born 11 November 1794 in Brampton, Derbyshire, England (baptism: 1 March 1795 Chesterfield), and died 20 July 1877 at 187 Terpsichore, New Orleans, LA.    [Link to photo]


Wife Rosannah Hall was born 16 April 1798 in Winster, Derbyshire, England (baptism: 23 April 1798 Winster), and died 16 September 1867 at 79 Spain St., New Orleans, LA.  They were married 25 December 1817 in Brampton, Derbyshire.    [Link to photo]



Their children were:


1- Anne Smith b: 28 November 1818 in Brampton, Derbyshire (baptism: 6 December 1818 Chesterfield); d: Abt. 1819           


2- John Smith b: 1 December 1820 in London, Middlesex; d: Bet. 1891-1901                  

            +Catherine Eliza Prichard  b: October 1828 in Chesterfield, Derbyshire; m: 5 August 1852 in St. Arvans, Monmouthshire, Wales; d: Aft. 1901 Hallam, Nether Hallam, Yorkshire


Notes for John Smith:

- 1851 St. Peters, S. Sheffield, Sheffield, Yorkshire, 18 Old Haymarket:  John Smith 30 (Brampton, Derbyshire) general clerk/manor shop

- 1861 Ecclesall Bierlow, Yorkshire (ED36, p. 23, 106 Priory Rd.):  John Smith 40 (Brampton, Derbyshire) grocer manager, wife Catherine 33 (Bristol), Aaron B. 7 (Sheffield Ecclesall, Yorkshire) scholar, Horace W. R. 6 scholar, Emily M. 4, Catherine R. 3, Bernard H. 3 months.

- 1871 Ecclesall, Sheffield, Yorkshire (ED14, p. 24, 4 Hanson Square):  John Smith 50 (Brampton, Derbyshire) wholesale grocer, wife Catherine E. 42 (Bristol, Gloucs), Aaron B. 17 bookkeeper, Horace W. 16 grocer's assistant, Emily M. 14, Catherine 13, Bernard H. 10, Rose A. 7, Herbert A. 4, domestic servant Mary A, Hayes 20 (Swinton)  (all children born Sheffield, Yorkshire).

-1881 Yorkshire, Ecclesall Bierlow, 20 Chippinghouse Rd. (RG11/4638-59-16):  John Smith  60 (London, Mdsx), .... & Produce Merchant, employs 9 men (grocer), wife Catherine E.  52 (Chesterfield), Arvan B. 27 (Bristol, Gls) .... & Produce Merchant, Emily M. 24 (Sheffield), Catherine B. 23 (Sheffield), Bernard H. 20 (Sheffield) grocer, Rose A. 17 (Sheffield); 2 general domestic servants Emma Pool 19 (Sheffield) & Jane Clark 14 (Lichgreave, STF). 

- 1891 Bradway, Norton, Derbyshire (Ecclesall Bierlow):  John Smith 70 (Chesterfield, Derbyshire) colonial produce merchant/employer, wife Catherine E. 62 (Bristol), Emily M. 35, Catherine R. 33, Rose A. 27, servant Edith Collitt 18

- 1901 Hallam, Nether Hallam, Yorkshire (73 Harcourt Road): Catherine E. Smith 72 (Bristol, Glocs) widow, Emily M. 44, Catherine R. 43, Rose A. 37, servant Mary A. Batty 14


3- Thomas William Smith  b: 6 September 1823 in Brampton, Derbyshire (baptism: 5 November 1823 Chesterfield); d: Aft. 1867


Notes for Thomas William Smith:

-Living with parents in Old Brampton in 1841, Occupation: tailor

-1850 Slaters directory: Thomas Smith – tailor, Church Alley, Chesterfield

-Possible Civil War connection: Thomas Smith, Co. E, 8th AL Infantry; captain; listed as William T. Smith        


4- William Smith  b: 8 October 1825 in Brampton, Derbyshire (baptism: 3 December 1825 Chesterfield); d: Aft. 1891  Nottingham           

            +Frances M. Martin  Baptised 5 September 1824 in Brampton, Derbyshire; m: 5 April 1847 in St. Thomas, Brampton, Derbyshire; d: Aft. 1891     


Notes for William Smith:

- 1851 Walton, Derbyshire (St. Thomas Brampton), 30 Goit Side:  William Smith 25 (Brampton) engineer, wife Frances 26 (Walton), Jn. Wm. 4 (Walton), in-laws Samuel Martin 61 (Staveley) hatter, wife 59 (Manch), visitors Hannah Perry 33 (Walton) married, & Elizabeth Perry 1 or 7 (Castleton).

- 1861 St. Ann, St. Mary, Nottinghamshire, 12 Gladstone Street:  Wm. Smith 35 machinist, wife Francis 36, John Wm. 13, Catherine Rosanah 9, Frank Reubin 4 (Nott), Edwin Martin 1 (Nott); servant Mary Smith 16 (Warwickshire)  [all others born Brampton]

- 1871 Basford, Nottinghamshire, 116 Mansfield Road: William Smith 45 (Brampton) machinist, wife Frances 46 (Brampton), Kate 19 (Brampton), Fred 15 (Nottingham), Edwin M. 11 (Nottingham), Horace W. 8 (Nottingham), Maud L. 4 (Carrington, Notts).

-1881 Nottingham, Nottingham St. Mary, 63 Bruce Grove, RG11/3363-64-23:  William Smith, 56 (Brompton, Derby) Machine builder employing 20 men & 2 boys (Spinning & C), wife Frances M. 57 (Brampton, Derby), Edward M. 22 (Nottingham), Horace W. 19 (Nottingham), Maud L. 14 (Nottingham), married daughter Catherine Griffin 30 (Brompton, Derby), Florence M. Griffin 4 (Nottingham).

- 1891 Nottinghamshire, St. Mary, Nottingham NE, ED31:  William Smith 66 (New Brampton) machinist, wife Frances 65 (New Brampton), Maud L. 24 (Carrington) tobbacconist.

- 1901 Nottinghamshire, Nottingham, Nottingham SW, ED31:  Maud Lucy Smith 34 pinafore ironer (Carrington), widowed sister Catherine Griffin 49 hosiery finisher (Chesterfield), niece Florence Griffin 24 pinafore ironer (Notts), niece Frances Maria 18 hosiery machinist (Notts), boarder Edith Helen Higham 26 ironer


5- Eliza Smith  b: 20 September 1828 in Brampton, Derbyshire (baptism: 10 October 1828 Brampton); d: 17 June 1841 in Brampton, Derbyshire                                  


6- Anthony Reuben Smith  b: 13 August 1831 in Brampton, Derbyshire (baptism: 4 September 1831 Brampton); d: 6 November 1912 at 2625 N. Rampart, New Orleans, LA; burial: 7 November 1912 Greenwood Cemetery

            +Elizabeth Heffernan  b: Abt. 1830 in Kings Co., Ireland; m: Abt. 1852 in New Orleans, LA; d: 28 March 1914 at 2625 N. Rampart, New Orleans, LA; burial: 30 March 1914 Greenwood Cemetery


Notes for Anthony Reuben Smith:

- Gardner's N.O. City Directory 1858: Anthony Smith - Delord & Magazine

- 7 June 1860 New Orleans census (W8, p. 79):  Reubin Smith 25 (Liverpool) undertaker, Eliza 20 (Liverpool), Jos. 4, John 2; living with his parents.

- 1870 New Orleans (W9, p. 46):  R. Smith 40 (Eng) laborer, wife Lisa 40 (Ire), John 12, Albert 6, Mary Ann 3
- 1880 New Orleans (p. 157D):  Ruben Smith 49 laborer, wife Elizabeth 45, Joseph 25, Albert 16, John 15, Anne 13
- 1890 city directory: Reuben Smith, screwman, 639 N. Rampart

- 1900 New Orleans (W9, ED85, p. 2A, 2625 Rampart St.):  Anthony R. Smith 71 (Aug 1828 - Eng) screwman/cotton, wife Elizabeth 70 (Jul 1829 - Ire) [mar. 47 yrs.; 3 of 9 children still living], Mary Ann 32 (May 1868), grandson Rueben S. 18 (Dec 1881) clerk/insurance, granddaughter Lillian 16 (Feb 1884) machine hand/shirt mfg., granddaughter Myrtle M. 10 (Oct 1889).

- 1910 New Orleans (W9, p. 3A, 2625 Rampart St.):  Anthony Smith 82 (Eng), wife of 56 years Liza 72 (Ire), granddaughter Myrtle 20.

Succession (19 February 1913):  Petition of (1) Mrs. Elizabeth Hiffarnan, widow of Anthony Reuben Smith, (2) Mrs. Mary Ann Smith wife of Joseph Adams, (3) Albert Smith, (4) Reuben Smith, (5) Myrtle Smith, (6) Lillian Smith, wife of Edward Kearney, (7) Hazel Smith, wife of John Gleber, and (8) Shirley Smith wife of Charles Morgan.  Petitioners 2 & 3 are his children, 4-8 are his grandchildren.  There were 6 children from the marriage: Daniel, Rose Ann, Joseph L.F., John, Mary Ann & Albert.  Daniel & Rose Ann died as babies before the age of 2.  Joseph L.F. Smith died intestate in N.O. on 13 June 1898, widow Mary Beatty, 3 children Reuben, Myrtle & Lillian (wife of Edward Kearney).  John Smith died intestate in N.O. on 9 March 1903, widow Annie Schmidt, 4 children Viola & Clarence who both died in 1887 before the age of 2, Hazel wife of John Gleber, and Shirley wife of Charles Morgan.  Estate consists of property in the Faubourg Washington, 3rd district, square #12, bounded by North Rampart (formerly Love) St., Claude (formerly Goodchildren), and Port Streets, and Lafayette Avenue (formerly Enghien Street), and measuring 31 feet front on N. Rampart St., by 100 feet depth.  Property was bought on 10 November 1883 by purchase from heirs of Johanna Foster.


- Tomb of Anthony Reuben Smith:

In memory of John S. Smith died March 9, 1903, aged 45

Anthony R. Smith died Nov. 6, 1912, aged 86 yr.

Elizabeth Heffernan, native of Kings Co., Ireland, died March 28, 1914, aged 84 yr.

Myrtle Smith, died Feb. 1, 1919, aged 29

Maryann Smith wife of Joseph Adams, died Feb. 27, 1925, aged 57 yr.

Hazel Susannah Smith Gleber, died 12/30/1985, aged 77 yr.


- Possible Civil War connection:  A.R. Smith, Co. G, 9th AL Infantry; private


- Obituary:  Times-Picayune newspaper, New Orleans, LA, 7 November 1912:  On Wednesday, Nov. 6, 1912, at 9 o'clock p.m., ANTHONY RUBEN SMITH, beloved husband of Elizabeth Heffernand, aged 85 years, 2 months and 24 days, a native of Sheffield, England, and a resident of this city for the past sixty-three years.  The relatives, friends and acquaintances of the family, also officers and members of the Screwmen's Benevolent Association No. 1, Brotherhood of Railroad Freight Handlers, Local No. 60; R.E. Lee Council No. 4, Jr. O.U.A.M., and all sisters councils, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, which will take place Thursday, Nov. 7 at 3 o'clock p.m., from his late residence, 2625 North Rampart Street.  Interment in Greenwood Cemetery.

HALL SCREWMEN'S BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION, New Orleans, Nov. 7, 1912 - The relief committee of this association, without further notice, will attend the funeral of our late brother member, A.R. SMITH, from his late residence, No. 2625 North Rampart, This (Thursday) Afternoon, at 3 o'clock.  [A screwman was a specialized loader of cotton.]


- Obituary Times-Picayune, New Orleans, LA: OLDEST SCREWMAN.  Anthony R. Smith, Familiar Figure on Levee Front, Dies.  Anthony R. Smith, the oldest screwman in New Orleans. and probably the entire South, was buried yesterday from the family residence, 2625 North Rampart Street, at 3 o'clock.  Mr. Smith was a native of Sheffield, England, but spent the majority of his life in New Orleans, having lived here for the past sixty-three years.  He was 85 years old, and was a screwman for over fifty years.  Most of the firms he was employed by in past years are now out of existence, the heads of them being dead and gone for a number of years.  Some of them were Thompson & Torjeson and Cooper & Hunter, and a number of others who have long passed out of existence.  Mr. Smith was in ill health for the past two years.  Up to 1906, however, he was employed steadily, and was a familiar figure on the levee front.  He was a member of the Screwmen's Benevolent Association, Brotherhood of Railroad Freight Handlers, Local No. 60, and R.E. Lee Council No. 4, Junior O.U.A.M.  He leaves a wife and two children, Mr. Albert S. Smith and Mrs. Joseph Adams, both of this city, and five grandchildren.  Father Hanrahan, of Sts. Peter and Paul's Church, will officiate at the funeral.  Interment will be in Greenwood Cemetery.


- Wife's obituary, The Daily Picayune newspaper, 29th March 1914, p. 12, c. 5, SMITH - On Saturday, March 28, 1914, at 6 o'clock a.m., ELIZABETH HEFFERNAN, wife of the late Anthony Reuben Smith, aged 84 years, a native of Ireland.  The relatives, friends, and acquaintances of the family, also officers and members of R. E. Lee Council No. 4, Jr.  O. U. A. M., the officers and members Washington Lodge No. 75, E. R. T., R. E. Lee Council No. 1, D. of America; McDonogh Council No. 1, Jr.  O. U. A. M., and Brotherhood of Railroad Freight Handlers, Local No. 60, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, which will take place Monday Morning, March 30, at 9 o'clock, from the late residence of the deceased, No. 2625 North Rampart.  Interment in Greenwood Cemetery.            


7-Francis William Smith  b: 24 September 1833 in Brampton, Derbyshire (baptism: 3 November 1833 Chesterfield); d: 26 January 1905 in Summit, Pike, MS; burial: 27 January 1905 Woodlawn Cemetery   [Link to photo]

            +Amelia Olff  b: Abt. 1840; m: 14 September 1864 in St. Peter's Episcopal Church, New Orleans, LA; d: 26 September 1891  Mississippi   [Link to photo]


Notes for Francis William Smith:

- 1852: Cohen's N.O. & Lafayette Directory:  Francis Smith - Johnson n. Esplanade

- 4 April 1868:  naturalized American citizen, New Orleans

- 1870 New Orleans (W8, p. 132):  F. Smith 30 (Eng) blacksmith, wife A(melia) 26, A(melia) 5, F(rancis) 2.

- Moved from New Orleans to Macomb, MS between 1872-1878

- 1880 Macomb City, Pike, MS:  Francis M. Smith 47 (Eng) blacksmith, wife Amelia 30, Amelia 15, Frank 11, Charles 8, Edward 2.

- 1900 Summit, Pike, MS:  Widower Frank Smith 66 (Sep 1833-Eng), Rosa 19 (Jul 1881) & Richard 12 (Oct 1887), living with daughter Amelia 35 (Jul 1863), her husband John Enos 38 (Feb 1862), Helen 8, Gladys 4.


8- Albert Smith  b: 10 December 1835 in Brampton, Derbyshire (baptism: 13 January 1836 Chesterfield); d: 8 March 1913 in Covington, LA; burial: 10 March 1913 Metairie Cemetery, Army of Northern VA tomb, Vault 34

            +Mary McIntyre  b: Abt. 1842 in Opelousas, LA; m: Abt. 1885; d: Bef. 1910 in Knoxville, TN


Notes for Albert Smith:

- 1858 Gardner's N.O. City Directory: Albert Smith - clerk, 39 Magazine

- 1890 city directory: Albert Smith, Life Ins. Co. of VA, asst. superintendent, 36 Carondelet, residence 85 Erato (his sister's)

- 1910 New Orleans (ED 215, W13, p. 1A): Henry Sterns 58 (MN) iron works manager, wife of 32 years Shirly 51 (2 of 3 children still living), Shirly 22; sister Laura B. 60; widower Albert Smith 75 (Eng) lodger.


- [From "Records of La. Confederate Soldiers and Commands", by Andrew B. Booth, p. 599]

Smith, Albert, Pvt. Sergt. New Co., A, 5th La. Inf.  En. May 9, 1861, New Orleans, La.  Present on all Rolls to Feb., 1862, Promoted from 5th Corpl., to 5th Sergt., Feb. 15.  Roll July and Aug. 1862, Absent, sick, Rolls Sept., 1862, to Oct., 1863.  Absent, wounded since Sept. 17, 1862, Sharpsburg.  Roll Nov. and Dec., 1863, Present or absent not stated.  Rolls Jan., 1864, to April, 1864, Absent, sick, Dec. 5, 1863.  Roll to Aug. 31, 1864, Absent, wounded Aug. 17, 1864, Winchester.


- Albert's niece joined United Daughters of the Confederacy on his service in Co. A, 5th LA Vol.:  Her application read:  "Albert Smith served four years in the War Between the States.  Had three other brothers in the war.  One who came direct from England and left the city in a few days with others to join Medical Corps called by Beauregard.  Ran the blockade through Mulenberg and reached destination in time for Battle of Shilo.

     Albert Smith's credentials bear the seal from 'Manassas to Appomatox' 1861-1865 Louisiana Division.

     The association of the Army of Northern Virginia Louisiana Division:  To all whom it may concern, we hereby declare that Albert Smith entered the military service of the Confederate States of America on the ninth day of June 1861 as a private in Co. A fifth Regiment Louisiana Volunteers was with Co. to battle of seven Rivers absent on sick leave for several months.

     After second battle of Manassas until Battle of Sharpsburg where wounded and was again absent several months and rejoined Company until Battle of Winchester was again wounded and was retired by Medical Field Board at Petersburg Virginia in February 1865 and has been elected a member of Louisiana Division of the Association of the Army of Northern Virginia.  And upon the proof of the above military record has been awarded this certificate.  In testimony where we have set our hand and offered the seal of the association this eighth day of June 1901.  Signed William A. Brewer President, L.A. Adams and J.S. Morton secretaries.             


9- stillborn Smith  b: Abt. 1837 in Brampton, Derbyshire                                           


10- Rosena Smith  b: 26 May 1838 in Brampton, Derbyshire (baptism: 15 June 1838 Chesterfield); d: 23 May 1922 at 9 LaSalle Place, New Orleans, LA; burial: 24 May 1922 Lafayette Cemetery #1 (Johnson Family Tomb)

            +Charles Lewis Johnson  b: 8 June 1836 in New Orleans, LA; m: 19 August 1857 in Rampart St. residence of the rector of Christchurch Cath., New Orleans, LA; d: 26 May 1910 at 6100 Howard St., New Orleans, LA; burial: 27 May 1910 Lafayette Cemetery #1 (Johnson Family Tomb)


11- Anne Smith  b: 9 August 1840 in Brampton, Derbyshire (baptism: 11 August 1840 Chesterfield); d: Abt. 1841     


12-  Catherine Harriott Smith  b: 9 October 1842 in Brampton, Derbyshire (baptism: 13 November 1842 Consolidated Chapelry of St. Thomas, Brampton); d: Aft. 1867



Notes for Joseph Frances Smith:

- 6/7 June 1841 Census (New Brampton, Derbyshire):  Joseph Smith 40 (engineer), Rosannah 40, Tho. 15 (tailor), William 15 (engineer), Eliza 12, Ruben 9, Francis , Albert 5, Rosanah 3.  (all born Derbyshire)  [Exact ages were given for children up to the age of 14 inclusive.  If 15 or older, age given in 5-year group indicated by youngest year of that group; i.e. 15 to 19 inclusive shown as 15, etc.]


- 20 November 1849:  Arrived in New Orleans on the ship Sir Charles Napier out of Liverpool, Jos. Smith 50, Rosanna 48, Ann 65, Cath. 5, Rosina 7, Thos. 24, Ant. Ruben 19, Francis 17.


- 1850 New Orleans census (3rd ward, p. 158):  Joseph Smith 55 (Eng) engineer, Rosanna 51 (Eng), Reuben 19 (Eng) engineer, Francis 16, Rosina 13, Catherine 8; Anne Smith 64.


- 1852: Cohen's N.O. & Lafayette Directory:  Joseph Smith, steam engine finisher, at Love & St. Ferdinand


- 7 June 1860 New Orleans census (W8, p. 79): Jos. Smith 64 (Liverpool) machinist, Rosanna 61 (Liverpool), Reubin 25 (Liverpool) undertaker, Eliza 20 (Liverpool), Jos. 4, John 2; Thom 24 (Eng) tailor, Wm. 17 (Eng) blacksmith, Albert 42 (Eng) clk., Mary 17 (Eng).

- 20 August 1860 New Orleans census (W9, p. 453):  Jos. Smith 64 (Eng), Rosana 61 (Eng), Rubin 25 undertaker,  Eliza 20 (Eng), Joseph 4, John 2; Thomas Isar 24 (Eng) tailor, William 17 (Eng) blacksmith, Albert 22 (Eng) clerk, Mary 17 (Eng).


- 15 June 1870 New Orleans census (ward 1, p. 164):  Joseph Smith 75 (Eng), living with son-in-law Lewis Johnson.



- Smith Family Bible


Parents of Joseph Frances Smith

Parents of Rosannah Hall


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