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Earle Palmer Harris was born 21 September 1895 in a house on the corner of Constance & Soniat Streets, New Orleans, Louisiana and died 8 March 1985 in Mercy Hospital, San Diego, San Diego, California.  [Link to Photo]


First wife Ethlyn Johnson Richardson was born 9 May 1896 at 919 Erato Street, New Orleans, Louisiana and died 24 January 1986 at 5000 Congress Drive, New Orleans, Louisiana.  Burial was 27 January 1986 in Lafayette Cemetery #1, Johnson Family Tomb.  They were married 1 August 1916 in New Orleans, Louisiana.   (divorced)  [Link to Photo]



Their children were:


1- Beverly Richardson Harris  b: 4 March 1917 at 2211 Burdette Street, New Orleans, Louisiana; d: 23 August 1997 in New Orleans, Louisiana; burial Greenwood Cemetery (#22 Palm), New Orleans     [Link to photo]                 

            +Dibert Edward Pitre  b: 27 July 1916 in Plaquemine, Iberville, Louisiana (baptism 5 August 1916 at St. Philomene); m: 8 July 1946 in New Orleans, Louisiana; d: 10 August 1980 in Plaquemine, Iberville, Louisiana.; burial 12 August 1980 Greenwood Cemetery (#22 Palm), New Orleans   [Link to photo]


2- Lewis Richardson Harris  b: 19 August 1918 in New Orleans, Louisiana; d: 22 March 1988 at 1605 Appian Way, #6, Santa Monica, California; cremated 28 March 1988, remains to ocean   [Link to photo]

            +Jean Hutchison  b: 5 July 1924 in Torrance Hospital, Chicago, Cook, Illinois; m: 26 January 1946 in First Presbyterian Church, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California; d: 23 November 2008  Las Vegas, Clark, Nevada   (divorced)

            +Jane Lindsay Helsel  b: 3 November 1931; (partner)




Notes for Earle Palmer Harris:

- 28 May 1916, Times Picayune - Earle P. Harris, manager Broadway Theater (movies)

- WWI registration record: Earle Palmer Harris, age 22; 2211 Burdette, New Orleans, LA; born 21 September 1894 N.O.; stenographer for Penick & Ford Ltd (corn products); wife & baby dependents; non-commissioned officer Louisiana National Guard for 2 years; tall, slender, light brown eyes, dark brown hair (29 May 1917)

- 1920 New Orleans, 4804 Camp St. (Renaud family live/own this boarding house; 7 boarders; Earle rents):  E.P. Harris 25 automobile salesman, wife E(thlyn) 23, Beverly 3, L. R. 1 year 4 months.

- Second wife Madelyn Ware was born 3 July 1894 in California, and died in April 1989 in San Diego, San Diego, California.  They were married 29 September 1928 in California.    

- 1930 San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, Gable Apartment House, 1595 Clay St. (p. 7B):  Earl P. Harris 38 (CA-LA-France) salesman electric goods (age at first marriage 36), another roomer Madeline Harris 35 (CA-CA-CA) (age at first marriage 33)

- 1940 San Francisco, San Francisco, CA (38-549, p. 63b):  Earle Harris 44 salesman/retail selling, wife Madelyn 45, James 9, Rita 8, Jack 7  [354-28th Avenue]


Notes for Ethlyn Johnson Richardson:

- Ethlyn joined the Daughters of the Confederacy, member #1828, admitted to New Orleans 72 in 1913 on service of grandfather Col. John B. Richardson, 2nd Co. Wash. Artillery.

- 23 May 1915, Times Picayune - Miss Ethlyn Johnson Richardson, granddaughter f Mrs. John B. Richardson and the late Col. Richardson who will go to Richmond, Va., as sponsor from Camp Beauregard to the reunion of the Confederate Veterans.  Miss Richardson is a member of the New Orleans Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy.  (photo included)

- Second husband John Theofridus Leonhard was born 16 July 1891 at 570 Dauphine St., New Orleans, LA, and died 24 April 1963 at 541 Madison St., New Orleans, LA.  Burial was 25 April 1963 in St. Vincent de Paul Cemetery #1.  They were married 7 April 1923 at New Orleans, LA. (divorced)

- 1930 New Orleans, 7911 Birch Street (ED266, I18):  John L. Leonard 39 (married at 31) life insurance agent (served military WW1), wife Ethelyn 30 (married at 16), Beverly Harris 13, Richardson Harris 11, mother-in-law Lou Richardson 51 widow (parents b. Eng), house owned, value $8000.

- 1940 New Orleans, 7911 Birch Street (36-441, W16, SD2, p. 2b):  Lew J. Richardson 69 widow ($8000 house value), Ethlyn Leonhard 44 (widow) clerical worker/WPA office, Beverly Harris 22 clerical worker/cleaning equipment.


Obituary: Times Picayune, 27 January 1986 - Mrs. Ethlyn Richardson Leonard on Friday, January 24, 1986 at 6:15 p.m., mother of Mrs. Beverly Harris Pitre and Richardson Harris; daughter of the late John Stephen Richardson and Lew Johnson Richardson; sister of the late J.B. Richardson and Johnson Richardson; also survived by 6 grandchildren, age 89 years.  Relatives and friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral services from McMahon-Coburn-Briede Funeral Home, 600 Moss St., on Monday afternoon, January 27, 1986 at 1:00; followed by religious services at the funeral home.  Interment Lafayette Cemetery No. 1.  Friends may call on Monday after 12:00 noon.



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