Family of Christopher Columbus Pugh & Martha C. Wainwright




Christopher Columbus Pugh was born 6 May 1823 in Virginia, and died 3 January 1883 in Richmond, Henrico, Virginia.   Burial in Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg.     


First wife Martha C. Wainwright was born 30 October 1820 in Virginia, and died 2 June 1875 in Petersburg, Dinwiddie, Virginia.  They were married Abt. 1844.  Burial in Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg.



Their children were:


1- Cornelia A. 'Nannie' Pugh  b: 24 August 1845 in Gaston, Northampton, NC; d: 5 November 1920 at 1212 Seventh St., New Orleans, LA; burial: 6 November 1920 Metairie Cemetery (Richardson Family Tomb)

            +John Benjamin Richardson  b: 28 April 1833 in Florence, AL; m: 17 May 1865 in Guilford, North Carolina; d: 31 January 1906 at 1625 Prytania St., New Orleans, LA; burial: 1 February 1906 Metairie Cemetery, Army of Northern VA Mausoleum, Vault 9 (Moved to Richardson Family Tomb)


2- Otheana 'Ottie' R. Pugh  b: Abt. 1847 in North Carolina; d: 14 November 1906 in New Orleans, LA

            +Andrew Hero  b: 29 October 1839 in New Orleans, LA; m: Abt. 1868; d: 24 April 1914  in New Orleans, LA


Notes for Otheana 'Ottie' R. Pugh:

- 1880 New Orleans, 320 Annunciation St. (ED68, W10, 9):  Andrew Hero 40 (LA-Swe-NY) notary public, wife Ottie 26 (VA-NC-NC) keeping house, Andrew Jr. 11 at school, William 9 at school, Annie 5 at school, Edward 3.

- 1910 New Orleans (ED180):  Widower Andrew Hero 70 lawyer; son-in-law William Sommer 39 lawyer, wife Ann 35 chemist; sisters Matilda P. 65 teacher & Anna M. 62 teacher.


- Hero, Andrew J., Jr., b. 1839. Family papers, 1829-1905 (bulk 1840-1890) Captain in the Washington Artillery of the Confederate Army, and land owner and agent in Louisiana and Texas. Papers include correspondence, financial, professional, and political papers and photographs that document Hero's career and personal life. (University Publications of America Confederate Military Manuscripts)


-From “Louisiana:  Comprising Sketches of Parishes, Towns, Events, Institutions, and Persons”, Edited by Alcée Fortier, Lit.D.  Published in 1914, by Century Historical Association.  [Excerpt is from sketch about his son William Sommer Hero]  In April, 1861, he (Andrew Hero) entered the Confederate army as a corporal of the 3rd company of the Washington Artillery.  He served during the entire period of the war, achieving an enviable reputation as a gallant and daring soldier and officer.  He rose to be 1st lieutenant of his company, and participated in many of the foremost battles of that great conflict, in all of the campaigns of the army of northern Virginia, under Gens. Longstreet, ''Stonewall'" Jackson, and Robert E. Lee.  He was wounded, first at Sharpsburg, or Antietam, and again in the siege of Petersburg.  After the close of the war, he returned to New Orleans and qualified immediately for the responsible position  under the system of Louisiana laws of notary public.  In this he was soon on the road to success, and gained rapidly in profit and reputation until he became the leading notary public, by his active, zealous, and faithful attention to his clients' interests.  He later was admitted to the bar, and enjoyed a lucrative practice as a lawyer in connection with his notarial profession, until his death.  He retained his interest in the battalion Washington artillery after the war, and rose to the position of major in that command.  Maj. Hero was active in Masonry from the time he was "initiated" an Entered Apprentice in Orient Lodge No. 173, New Orleans, Sept. 6, 1868.  He rose to the rank of a 33rd degree Mason, and was coronetted inspector general honorary 33rd degree, April 9, 1887.  He was also a life member of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks.


- 15 November 1906 - Times Picayune - Mrs. Andrew Hero died at 8 o'clock yesterday morning.  She was Miss Ottie Pugh, of Petersburg, Va.  Andrew Hero who has been so prominently identified with Republican politics for many years, was a captain in the Washington Artillery when he met Miss Pugh, of Petersburg, Va.  The romance began then developed into love and marriage, Captain Hero, in the latter days of the war, was breveted major.  After the war they came to live in New Orleans.  For the past six years Mrs. Hero has been an invalid and has been confined to her room.  Mrs. Hero is survived by Major Andrew Hero and by her children, Andrew Hero, Jr., captain, U.S.A.; William S. Hero, of this city, and Lynden Hero, who is at college and who is expected to arrive here this morning in time for his mother's funeral.

- 16 November 1906 - Times Picayune - Mrs. Andrew Hero was buried yesterday afternoon from her palatial home in Third Street.  Dr. Beverley Warner, of Trinity Church, officiated at the house and grave.  Mrs. Hero was temporarily interred in a receiving vault in Metairie Cemetery.  The remains will be moved later to Petersburg, Va.  The pallbearers were John J. Ward, George A. Hero, William C. Richardson, James M. Rogers, John Stumpf, General George W. Booth, William T. Hardie and William S. Benedict.  Mrs. Hero, who was Miss Ottie Pugh, is survived by her husband, Major Andrew Hero; Captain Andrew Hero, Jr., U.S.A.; Captain W.S. Hero, Mr. Edward Hero, Mr. Linden Hero and Miss Ann Hero, who is one of the professors at Newcomb.


3- Isabella Wainwright Pugh  b: 30 December 1849 in North Carolina; d: 17 April 1925 at 2009 Monument Ave., Richmond, Henrico, VA; burial: 19 April 1925  Hollywood Cem., Richmond

            +Dr. Henry Cabell Tabb  b: 3 March 1839  Richmond, Henrico, VA; m: 10 April 1867  Petersburg, Dinwiddie, VA [Phillip Mayo/Martha ----]; d: 7 May 1914 at 3012 Monument Ave., Richmond, Henrico, VA; burial: 9 May 1914  Hollywood Cem., Richmond


Notes for Isabella Wainwright Pugh:

- 9 July 1870 Richmond, Henrico, VA (Jefferson ward, p. 173):  Cabbelle H. Tabb 31 physician [$250 real estate], wife Bell W. 21 (NC), William H. 2, Hester 1 month; Matilda Belding 20.

- 1880 Richmond, Henrico, VA (ED 83, p. 158D, I28):  Dr. H.C. Tabb 42 doctor of medicine, wife Belle P. 29 (NC), Willie H. 12, Hester C. 7, Thomas G. 5; sister Dora Pugh 22; servant Carolina Edwards 24 (mulatto).

- 1910 Lee, Richmond, VA (ED105, p. 237A):  H. Cabell Tabb 71 medical director of life ins. co., wife of 42 years Bell P. 59 [2 of 4 children still living], Hester C. 35, T. Garnett 32, Dora Pugh 45 sister-in-law, Robert B. Campbell 39 boarder, Burton Keys 15 servant (black).

- 1920 Richmond, Henrico, VA (Independent City, ED 91, I7):  Widow Belle P. Tabb 68, sister Dora Pugh 59 single.

- Dr. Tabb graduated as an M.D. in 1860 & established his practice at City Point.  At outbreak of war he enlisted in the CSA, Co. K, 13th VA cavalry and became an asst. surgeon at Chimborazo Hospital, serving until the close of war.

- Tombstone inscription, Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond:  Henry Cabell Tabb, M.D. / March 3, 1839 - May 7, 1914 / Assistant Surgeon, C.S.A. / Chimborazo Hospital / (2 lines of Latin, very hard to read) / TABB   //   Belle Pugh / wife of / Dr. H. Cabell Tabb / Dec. 30, 1853 / April 17, 1925

- Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, Volume IV:  Dr. Henry Cabell Tabb was born in Richmond, Virginia, March 3, 1839, a son of Philip Mayo and Martha (Mayo) Tabb, and a nephew of Joseph Mayo, for many years mayor of Richmond. He was just about eight years of age when his father removed from Richmond, having purchased "Reveille," a large estate since owned by the late Dr. R. A. Patterson, and situated on the Cary street road. The early education of Dr. Tabb was received in Charles City county, where he was a student in the school conducted by his brother-in-law, Mr. Ferguson, and from this went to the then famous school conducted by David Turner in Richmond. He was prepared for the university at Richmond College, and having for a long time decided to follow the profession of medicine, previously studying the same in the office of old Dr. Henry Cabell, of Richmond, he matriculated at the Medical College of Virginia, from which institution he was graduated in the class of 1860 with the degree of Doctor of Medicine. He established himself in the practice of his profession at City Point, Prince George county, and was thus engaged at the outbreak of the civil war. He at once enlisted, in April, 1861, and was assigned as a private to Company K, Prince George Troop, Thirteenth Regiment of Virginia Cavalry. He saw much real service while in the field, and was detailed for surgical duty at Chimborazo Hospital, March 25, 1863, and served there until the close of the war. Dr. Tabb then settled in Richmond, Virginia, where he not alone proved himself a very capable physician and surgeon, but by his real sympathy toward and with the sufferings with which he contended, he won the love and confidence of all who came to him for treatment. He was appointed medical director of the Life Insurance Company of Virginia in 1886, and was the incumbent of this office until his death. He gave up his general medical practice in 1900, but he was frequently consulted by his professional brethren until the commencement of his last illness. He was a charter member of the Alumni Association of the Medical College of Virginia, and one of the founders of the National Medical Directors' Association and its president for a number of years.  Dr. Tabb married, April 10, 1867, Belle Pugh, of Petersburg, and of their three children, William Halyburton, the eldest son, died some years ago; the surviving children being Hester Cabell and T. Garnett. For many years Dr. Tabb was a member of the Seventh Street Christian Church. He died after an illness of about two months, May 7, 1914, deeply and sincerely regretted by a large circle of friends in all classes of society. Kind-hearted and charitable to a degree, Dr. Tabb was personally known and welcomed throughout the city. His professional work made him acquainted with many phases of human misery, and it was not alone the body to which he brought healing and comfort. Wherever he found substantial pecuniary assistance was needed he was ever ready to give, but this was done in so unostentatious a manner that only those who benefitted by his generosity will ever know the extent of it, and the far reaching effect of his example will ever be of lasting benefit to the city.

5- William Blow Pugh  b: 18 December 1851  Gaston, Northampton, NC; d: 22 September 1855  Petersburg, Dinwiddie, VA


4- Christopher Pugh  b: Abt. 1852 in North Carolina; d: Aft. 1860


5- Sarah Elizabeth Pugh  b: 24 September 1853 in North Carolina; d: 7 August 1923  Richmond, Richmond City, VA

            +Ernest Taylor Walthall  b: 25 November 1848 in Virginia; m: Abt. 1878 in Virginia; d: 24 December 1912  Richmond, Richmond City, VA


Notes for Sarah Elizabeth Pugh:

- 1880 Richmond, Henrico, VA (ED 83, p. 162C, I35):  E.T. Walthall 30 printer (VA-VA-VA), wife Lizzie 25 (NC-NC-NC), Mattie L. 7 months (b. Nov), Mattie Pugh 20 sister-in-law (VA-NC-NC), Susan Haskins 24 cook (b. VA-black), Delia Robinson 13 nurse (b. VA-black) 

- 1910 Clay, Richmond, VA (ED66, p. 79A):  Ernest T. Walthall 59 printer, wife of 30 years Elizabeth 47 [2 of 6 children still living], Bessie 26 stenographer.  

- Tombstone inscription, Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond:  WALTHALL / Ernest Taylor Walthall / Born Nov. 25, 1848 / Died Dec. 24, 1912 / sleeping / Sarah Elizabeth Walthall / Born Sept. 24, 1853 / Died Aug. 7, 1923                                         


6- Wilmouth Pugh  b: Abt. 1856 in Petersburg, Dinwiddie, VA; d: Aft. 1870                                            


7- Martha F. 'Dora' Pugh  b: 24 April 1858 in Petersburg, Dinwiddie, VA; d: Aft. 1920


Notes for Martha F. 'Dora' Pugh:

-1880, 1910 & 1920 - living with sister Isabella's family (see above)                                           


8- Edwin Rives Pugh  b: 11 January 1859 in Petersburg, Dinwiddie, VA; d: Aft. 1870         



- Second wife Virginia ----- was born (unknown), and died (unknown).  They were married Bef. 1880.



Notes for Christopher Columbus Pugh:

- 21 November 1850 Gaston, Northampton, NC (p. 81A):  Christopher C. Pugh 27 (VA) hotel keeper [$3000 value], wife Martha C. 29 (VA), Cornelia A. 5, Otheana R. 3, Isabella W. 2, Martha A. Wainwright 48 (VA), Robert B. Frasier 9 (VA).  Slaves (listed only by age): females: 40, 35, 30, 14, 12, 18, 16, 7 (all B); males: 16, 30, 27 (all B); males (mulatto) 14, 2.


- 1860 South W. Petersburg, Dinwiddie, VA (p. 338):  C.C. Pugh  37 grocer (?), wife Martha  37, Cornelia  14 (NC), Otheana 12 (NC), Isabella 11 (NC), Christopher 8 (NC), Sarah 5 (NC), Wilmouth 4, Martha 2, Edwin 5 months.  Slaves (listed only by age), within 2 slave houses: females (B) 45, 45, 25, 6, 16; males (B) 4, 2, 5, 3; males (mulatto): 37.


- 1870 Petersburg, Dinwiddie, VA (2nd ward, p. 227):  Christopher C. Pugh  47 Com. Mcht., wife Martha C. Pugh  49 keeps house, Sarah E. 16 at school, Wilmouth 14 at school, Martha F. 12 at school, Edwin R. 10 at school; servant Jane Jeffries 19 (black).


- 1880 Richmond, Henrico, VA (ED 83, p. 159B, I30, 614 N. 7th St.):  C.C. Pugh 56 retired merchant, wife Virginia 37 (GA) (parents b. GA).


Funeral notice:  Richmond Dispatch, Friday, 5 January 1883:  Died, on the 3d instant, at 6 o'clock P.M. at his residence, No. 6 south Second street, C.C. Pugh.  His funeral will take place this morning at 10 o'clock from the First Presbyterian church. Friends and acquaintances of the family, and of his son-in-law, Dr. Tabb, are invited to attend.  Interment at Petersburg.

Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg, Petersburg City, VA (plot D-old ground, sq 51, sec 2B):  (Latin inscription) / My dear father / C.C. Pugh / born May 6, 1823 / died / Jan. 3, 1883 [and stone on ground facing:  Martha C. Pugh / Oct. 30, 1820 / Jun. 12, 1875]; separate stone: In memory of / Wm. Blow Pugh / son of C.C. and / Martha C. Pugh / born Dec. 18, 1851 / died Sept. 22, 1855 / whosoever therefore / (rest unreadable)]

Notes for Martha C. Wainwright:

- First husband Robert B. Fraser  b: 6 November 1813  Dinwiddie Co., VA; m: 17 December 1840  Dinwiddie Co., VA [Alexander/Martha Reese]; d: 13 November 1841  Dinwiddie Co., VA.  One son, Robert Benjamin Fraser c1841 - 29 Jan 1900; Co. K, 13th VA Cav Regt (burial Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond).



Parents of Christopher Columbus Pugh

Parents of Martha C. Wainwright         



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