Family of William H. McDaniel & Martha Winston




William H. McDaniel was born 27 August 1757 in Halifax Co., Virginia, and died 24 March 1820 in Gallatin, Sumner, Tennessee.


Wife Martha Winston was born 5 January 1768 in Rowan Co., North Carolina, and died 17 May 1832 in Obion Co., Tennessee.  They were married 18 December 1783 in Germanton, Surrey, North Carolina.



Their children were:


1- Elizabeth W. McDaniel  b: 27 March 1785 in Halifax Co., Virginia; d: 1831               

            +Joseph Stanfield  b: Abt. 1781; m: 7 August 1802 in Halifax Co., Virginia


2- Joseph McDaniel  b: 13 August 1787 in Halifax Co., Virginia; d: 13 September 1832 in Shelby Co., Tennessee         

            +Maria Thomas  b: Abt. 1789; m: 17 August 1812 in Sumner Co., Tennessee; d: Bef. 1826                         

        *2nd Wife of Joseph McDaniel:                                                     

            +Margaret Crenshaw    m: 11 August 1826 in Shelby Co., Tennessee


3- Ann Smith McDaniel  b: 25 February 1790 in Halifax Co., Virginia; d: Aft. 1872 in North Carolina                 

            +John Bell Pugh  b: 1787 in Halifax Co., Virginia; m: 24 December 1812 in Halifax County, Virginia; d: 28 June 1848 in Person Co., NC          


4- William Rufus McDaniel  b: 31 March 1793 in Halifax Co., Virginia; d: 15 May 1818 in Sumner Co., Tennessee      

            +Catherine Virgina Withers  b: Abt. 1794; m: Abt. 1815


5- Martha McDaniel  b: 30 December 1795 in Halifax Co., Virginia; d: 1844                  

            +William D. Pugh  b: Abt. 1790; m: 13 December 1813 in Halifax Co., Virginia


Notes for Martha McDaniel:

- 1830 Virginia census (Halifax Co., p. 427): William D. Pugh males 2 <5, 1 (5-10), 1 (40-50), females 2 (10-15), 1 (30-40)


6- Alfred W. McDaniel  b: 14 November 1798 in Danville, Pittsylvania, Virginia; d: 3 October 1855 in Natchez, Adams, Mississippi                      

            +Ann Johnston  b: 22 March 1802 in Natchez, Adams, Mississippi; m: 7 June 1825 in Pittsylvania Co., Virginia; d: 6 February 1883 in Obion Co., Tennessee


Notes for Alfred W. McDaniel:

- 1850 Obion Co., Tennessee:  Alfred McDaniel 51 (VA) farmer [£20,000 real estate], Ann 48 (MS), Louis 18, Margaret 12, Samuel 10, Martha 9; 3 mulattoes: Fanny 25, Dick 5, Fanny 3.


7- Sarah L. McDaniel  b: 29 December 1800 in Halifax Co., Virginia; d: 14 September 1829 in Sumner Co., Tennessee

            +John Goodall  b: Abt. 1800 in Sumner Co., Tennessee; m: 23 June 1819 in Sumner Co., Tennessee


8- Winston Lanier McDaniel  b: 9 October 1802 in Danville, Pittsylvania, Virginia; d: 8 March 1832 in Sumner Co., Tennessee

            +Lydia Richards Winchester  b: 29 April 1806 in Fredericksburg, Virginia; m: 13 January 1828; d: 5 April 1870  Sumner Co., Tennessee


Notes for Winston Lanier McDaniel:

- Tombstone inscription, Old Hopewell Cemetery, Sumner Co., Tennessee:  Winston L. / McDaniel was born / the 9th of October / 1802.  Died the 8th / of March 1832.

- 1850 Sumner Co., Tennessee:  Lydia R. McDaniel 44 (VA), living with William Hall family.


9- Fountain L. McDaniel  b: 16 November 1805 in Pittsylvania Co., Virginia; d: 1860 in Sumner Co., Tennessee

            +Susan A. Gresham    m: 27 September 1828 in Sumner Co., Tennessee; d: 25 January 1829 in Miss. River at Mills Point, Hickman, Kentucky

      *2nd Wife of Fountain L. McDaniel:

            +Nancy G. Beloite  b: 28 April 1811 in Sumner Co., Tennessee; m: 12 December 1829 in Sumner Co., Tennessee; d: 2 May 1843  Sumner Co., Tennessee

      *3rd Wife of Fountain L. McDaniel:

            +Eveline Coles  b: Abt. 1820  Tennessee; m: 10 October 1844; d: Aft. 1850


Notes for Fountain L. McDaniel:

- 1850 Sumner Co., Tennessee:  Fountain McDaniel 45 (VA) [£1500 real estate] farmer, Eveline 30, William 19, Casandria 17, Mary D. 4, Martha T. 2, Grace A. Williams 6.


10- Samuel Louis McDaniel  b: 12 February 1809 in Pittsylvania Co., Virginia; d: 15 September 1897 in Obion Co., Tennessee; burial: Antioch Cemetery, Obion Co.

            +Anne F. Winchester  b: 7 March 1802 in Fredericksburg, VA; m: 18 October 1830 in Sumner Co., Tennessee; d: 1 February 1839 in Mills Point, Hickman, KY               

      *2nd Wife of Samuel Louis McDaniel:                                                       

            +Eliza Margaret Powell  b: 24 May 1817 in Hickman, Kentucky; m: 7 September 1841 in Hickman Co., Kentucky; d: 4 October 1889 in Obion Co., Tennessee; burial: Antioch Cemetery, Obion Co.


Notes for Samuel Louis McDaniel:

- 1850 Obion Co., Tennessee:  Samuel McDaniel 40 (VA) farmer, wife Eliza 33 (KY), Martha 18, Mary 11 (KY), William 8 (KY), Daniel 5 (KY), Margaret 3, Walter 1; Benjamin Scott 11 (KY).


11- Clement Price McDaniel  b: 29 June 1811 in Pittsylvania Co., Virginia; d: 5 May 1841 in Sumner Co., Tennessee




Notes for William H. McDaniel:

- William McDaniel was a Revolutionary War soldier, a magistrate in Halifax Co., Virginia for a long term & also sheriff.  He was a Colonel in the Virginia Militia after the War.

- 1782 Virginia: Head of Household:  William McDaniel: 1 (whites); 6 (blacks)


- William McDaniel's Revolutionary War Record (as provided by his brother Collin): 

United States of America

Williamson County, State of Tennessee

May 19, 1854

To Wit:  This day personally appeared before me, Shadane (?) W. Reed, an acting Justice of the peace, for the County afore said, Collin McDaniel, Esquire, after claiming the right of a creditable witness having entered his 86th year since the 31st of October last.  Who deposeth and saith that to the best of his recollection that some time in the year 1779 or 80, my elder brother, William McDaniel, of Halifax County, Virginia, went on tour in the army, to Gwinns Island.  Where it was said a battle was fought, at which place, his command was that of a Lieutenant.  I was at home when he started to Gwinns Island, and also when he returned.  I well recollect the circumstance as I was confined at home during the time and for two years with a white swelling on my ankle though I was very young at the time.  I can now better recollect circumstances that happened then, than I can things that has taken place long since, or of later years, and about that time every person, young and old, in the country, was under great excitement about the War of the Colonies against England and the scenes and preparing events of war battles, all made and left a lasting impression on all and every one.

Early in the spring on 1780, my brother William marched on with his company to North Carolina.  Commanded his company as a Captain.  They marched to Guilford Court House, where a severe battle was fought.  Genl. Green, being then and there the Commander in Chief of the army, who after the heavy cannonading had ceased, the commander in chief ordered the Virginia line of troops to advance in front of the enemy at which time my brother said that the small arms commenced fire and in a few moments or a short time it appeared to him like the very Heaven and earth was coming together.  My brother William spoke frequently after his return of the fatigues of battle and want of water in the time of the Battle of Guilford.  He said, he at length found some water and dipped up some with his two hands and drank, he said the British fired several balls at him while drinking and some one or two balls cut through his wearing apparel.  At that great Battle of Guilford, my brother William McDaniel’s conduct gave him great applause among his company, the soldiers on the Whig side and also through the country generally, for his bravery as they said.  This said Battle of Guilford to the best my recollection was fought early in the Spring of 1780.  The wind set fair and I heard the cannon.

After that my brother William marched on to Charleston, South Carolina.  After his arrival in South Carolina, the Battle of Stono was fought at which place his Lieutenant Doctor Irby was killed.  I also saw a part of the fractured thigh bone of Dr. Irby, my brother’s Lieutenant, brought back to Virginia, that his family and friends might see it.  After my brother William’s return from South Carolina, I heard him express sensations of melancholy regret, for the loss of his Lieutenant Dr. Irby who he said was a brave and gallant officer.  Said he himself was very sick at the time of the Battle of Stono, not able to walk.


I was at home when my brother William returned from the wars in South Carolina, saw his military clothing, sword.  After his return I saw him pick up a letter and read it.  It was a letter that he had written home to our mother and family, while he was in the service of his country, stating the situation of the army after the Battle at Guilford, he said, I wrote this letter in a great hurry sitting on a log.  After the war was over, I got the silver from my brother William that was on his sword.  As he said the sword was useful to him after the war was over, it was a fine sword.  He came home from the war dressed in military clothing (true Whig).  I had three brothers fought in the Revolutionary War against the British.  My brother Clement McDaniel has been dead some 20 years.  I understood he received a pension for military services during Genl. Jackson’s administration before his death.  He died in Shelby County, Tennessee, about the year 1834. 

My brother William married Miss Martha Winston of North Carolina, daughter of Col. Joseph Winston that fought in several battles in the Revolutionary War (Kings Mountain).  My brother William McDaniel died 34 years since at the age of sixty two.  His widow died in the western district in the year 1834 or about 20 years since age 66 years.  They left the following children, Joseph, Alfred W., Winston, Samuel, Fountain L., and a daughter married a Mr. Pugh of Virginia.  To the best of my belief and recollection my brother William must have served two campaigns or tours.  The first according to my recollection in the year 1779 or early in 1780 as a Lieutenant.  The time he went on tour to Gwins Island and the following tour to the Battle of Guilford and Stono in South Carolina.  I very well remember that he was a greateal from home in the army.  I was confined with a white swelling two years, which confinement served to assist my memory. I cannot well recollect whether my brother belonged to the continental line, state troops or militia.  My strong impression is that him and his company went voluntarily as he was a military man and appeared anxious to go and be in the army.  He was a goodeal from home engaged in the service of his country and stayed more than six months altogether, this I am certain of.  

Brother William married Miss Winston about the year 1784.  I lived with them in the year 1785 during the time I was there (one year) her father, brothers and sister Elizabeth Winston, afterwards the wife of Governor Robert Williams of Mississippi Territory, visited her and remained some time.  My brother and his wife Martha’s son Alfred McDaniel lives in Natchez, Te, Samuel lives in Obion County, Te, Joseph (dead) his heirs live in I believe Obion County, Te, Winston (dead) his widow Lydia Winchester McDaniel, and daughter Mrs. Hall lives in Sumner County, Te, and Fountain L. lives in Sumner Country, Te, and their (or my brother’s daughter) Mrs. Ann Pugh lives in Halifax Country, Virginia.

I am as certain they were married as if I seen them or heard the ceremony. They lived together faithfully as man and wife for a number of years and raised a respectable family.  And further this deponent saith not. Sworn to and subscribed before me the day and date above written.


- Tombstone inscription, Old Hopewell Cemetery, Sumner Co., Tennessee:  William M. / McDaniel / Capt. / VA Militia / Rev War / Aug. 27, 1757 - Mar. 24, 1820

- William's 2 x great-granddaughter's Application for membership "United States Daughters 1776-1812:  Mrs. Nannie Pugh Richardson wife of John B. Richardson New Orleans; descendant of John B. Pugh of 1812 and Col. Samuel McDaniel of 1776 - Freeman Wainwright.  I, Nannie Pugh Richardson being of the age of 18 years and upwards hereby apply for membership in this Society by right of lineal descent in the following line from John B. Pugh who was born in Halifax Co., Virginia 1787, lived in North Carolina and who served in the war of 1812. (Major Gen. or Commodore Porter).  I was born in the town of Gaston, county of Northampton, State of North Carolina.  I am the daughter of C.C. Pugh and Martha C. Wainwright his wife, and grandaughter of John B. Pugh who was in for war 1812 and Ann Smith McDaniel his wife, and great-granddaughter of Samuel McDaniel and Ann Smith his wife; and he, the said John B. Pugh & Col. Samuel McDaniel are the ancestors who assisted in the War of 1776 and 1812, while acting in the capacity of Private & Col. of a Regt. of Malitae (Militia).  (Her signature.)

   Ancestor's Service:  My grandfather John B. Pugh who was in the War of 1812 under Genl. or Commodore Porter at Ceaney Island Va, got a discharge.  My grandmother drew a pension for his services for many years up to the time of her death.  My grandmother Mrs. Ann Smith McDaniel daughter of Col. Samuel McDaniel who commanded a Regt. of Militia in the Revolutionary War was under Gen'l. Nathaniel Green was engaged in the Battle of Guildford Court House.  My uncle John W. Pugh has a paste board on which Gen'l. Green thanks him (Col. McDaniel) for faithful performance of a special duty.  My grandfather Freeman Wainwright (my mother's father) also was in the War of 1812 was a member of Capt. Charles Thompson Jr. Company 83 Regt. Va Militia (Record: Va Muster Roll page 772) Public Library Richmond Va.


- William McDaniel’s grandson Louis Winston McDaniel (14 December 1831-1905) wrote a letter in 1899 stating that the McDaniels “were of Scotch or Scotch Irish who were driven out of Scotland because they got mixed up in the Scotch Rebellion in favor of ‘Charlie over the Water’.”  They, with the Henrys, Winstons, and others, settled near Culpepper Court House Virginia. 




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