Family of Thomas Lanier & Elizabeth Hicks



Thomas Lanier was born Abt. 1722 in Brunswick Co., VA, and died 14 December 1804 in Granville Co., NC.

First wife Elizabeth Hicks was born Abt. 1724 in Brunswick Co., VA, and died (unknown).  They were married Abt. 1742 in Brunswick Co., VA.


Their children were:


1- Mary 'Molly' Lanier  b: 28 April 1744 in Brunswick Co., VA.


2- Robert Lanier  b: 12 November 1746 in Lunenburg Co., VA; d: 4 March 1785 in Surry Co., NC

          +Jane Patillo  b: 30 May 1760 in Hanover Co., VA; m: 12 June 1775 in Warren Co., NC; d: 8 January 1826 in Surry Co., NC


Notes for Robert Lanier:

- Colonel in the Revolutionary Army, serving as Commissary Officer

- Member of the Assembly from 1771 until 1784 when he declined to serve longer; he was Treasurer of the Salisbury District, North Carolina

- In 1777 Governor Caswell appointed him, along with Joseph Winston (his brother-in-law), to treaty with the Cherokee Indians

- 1 April 1778: Robert Lanier sold to Robert Harris (of Albemarle County, VA), for £400 (Va. money), 200 acres on the east side of the Tarrarat River; being part tract Lanier bought from Martin Armstrong

- April 1781: Robert Lanier to Gen. Greene:  Lanier remarks that in order to complete a treaty with the Cherokees, it will be necessary to ply them with goods.

- NC Wills: 1786: Robert Lanier, wife Jane, children Thomas & Elizabeth


3- Sarah "Sallie" Lanier  b: 12 December 1748 in Lunenburg Co., VA; d: 1807 in Cumberland Co., KY

          +Joseph Williams  b: 6 September 1742; m: 3 June 1766 in Oxford, Granville Co., NC; d: Bef. 1774

         *2nd Husband of Sarah "Sallie" Lanier:

          +Robert Williams  b: 4 August 1744 in Lunenburg Co., VA; m: 10 October 1774 in Oxford, Granville, NC; d: 1790 in Pittsylvania Co., VA


Notes for Sarah 'Sallie' Lanier:

- " Robert Williams and his brother Colonel Joseph Williams settled in North Carolina prior to the Revolution, and married sisters, Sarah and Rebecca Lanier, daughters of  Thomas Lanier, an early justice of Lunenburg County, who later moved to North Carolina (Wheeler's "Reminiscences of North Carolina"). Sarah Lanier and Robert Williams were married October 10, 1774 (Marriage bond at Oxford, N. C.), and moved to Pittsylvania County to live, settling near Sandy Creek of Banister River. Here he practiced his profession of law and served as commonwealth attorney for both Pittsylvania and Henry Counties. He died in 1790, and the inventory of his estate showed much silver, books, and elegance of living; he left no will but in 1799 there was a division of his estate." [Pittsylvania Co., VA History]

4- Minerva Elizabeth "Betty" Lanier  b: 29 September 1750 in Lunenburg Co., VA; d: 4 December 1794 in Stokes Co., NC.  Burial: Family cemetery, Germantown

          +Joseph Winston  b: 17 June 1746 in Louisa Co., VA; m: 28 August 1766 in Rowan Co., NC; d: 21 April 1815 in Germantown, Stokes Co., NC.  Burial: Family cemetery, Germantown


5- Catherine Lanier  b: 31 July 1752 in Lunenburg Co., NC; d: 12 September 1832 in Person Co., NC

          +David Allen  b: 16 June 1746; m: Abt. 1771; d: 16 September 1828 in Person Co., NC 


Notes for Catherine Lanier:

- 1800 Hillsboro, Person, NC, p. 203: David Allen 02101-00110; 11 slaves [males 2 (10-15), 1 (16-25), 1 (45+), females 1 (16-25), 1 (26-44)]

- 1820 Person Co., NC: David Allin 200001-00011; (11); 12-0-6-2/8-3-2-2  [males 2 <10, 1 (45+), females 1 (26-44), 1 (45+)]


6- Martha 'Patsy' Lanier  b: 26 November 1754 in Lunenburg Co., VA

          +William Watson  b: Abt. 1849; m: 1 December 1770 in Oxford, Granville Co., NC


7- Rebecca Lanier  b: 27 January 1757 in Lunenburg Co., VA; d: 20 March 1832

          +Col. Joseph Williams  b: 27 March 1748; m: 11 September 1772 in Granville Co., NC; d: Aft. 1800


Notes for Rebecca Lanier:

- Joseph Williams was a delegate to the constitutional convention from Surry Co. in 1775.  He was appointed in 1776 (Joseph Williams, Lt. Col.).  "Col. Joseph Williams settled in this county near Shallow Ford, before the Revolutionary War.  He was distinguished for his enterprise, activity, and patriotism.  He was a Colonel of militia in the Revolution, and was active in subduing the Tories.  He died at a good old age, loved and respected by all who knew him.  He married Miss Lanier, a woman of strong mind and exemplary virtues." [Historical Sketches of NC]  Joseph Williams was the brother of Robert Williams, 1st husband of Rebecca's sister Sarah.


8- Thomas Lanier  b: 11 December 1760 in Lunenburg Co., VA; d: Bef. 1804


9- Susannah Lanier  b: 13 April 1763 in Lunenburg Co., VA; d: Aft. 1800  Granville Co., NC

          +George King  b: Abt. 1760; m: 31 December 1780 in Granville Co., NC; d: Aft. 1800


Notes for Susannah Lanier:

- 1800 Hillsboro, Granville, NC census: George King 00110-00010; 3 slaves [males 1 (16-25), 1 (26-44), females 1 (26-44)]


10- Lewis Lanier  b: 21 September 1765 in Lunenburg Co., VA; d: Bef. 28 November 1799 in Warren Co., NC

          +Rebecca Duke  b: Abt. 1765; m: 4 May 1785 in Warren Co., NC


Notes for Lewis Lanier:

- 1790 Island Creek, Hillsboro, Granville, NC census: Lewis Lanier


11- Frances 'Fanny' Lanier  b: 25 November 1767 in Lunenburg Co., VA

          +Melchesedeck Spraggins  b: Abt. 1758 in Virginia; m: 10 March 1784 in Oxford, Granville Co., NC


12- William Hicks Lanier  b: 25 August 1770 in Lunenburg Co., VA

          +Mary Garland Ballard  b: Abt. 1773; m: 4 September 1794 in Mecklenburg Co., NC



Second wife Frances Carter (widow of William Clanton) was born Abt. 1746 in Goochland Co., VA, and died Abt. 1821 in Warren Co., NC.  They were married Abt.  March 1789 in Warren Co., NC.



Notes for Thomas Lanier:

- Lunenburg Co. formed 1746 from Brunswick Co.  His land was in that part.

- Elected 5 May 1746 - One of the first justices of Lunenburg Co., VA

- 25 February 1760: Indenture made between Thomas Lanier & John Hobbs, for £200, selling 222 acres on the north side of Wagua Creek.  The indenture was acknowledged in court on 24 March 1760 by Thomas Lanier.  His wife was present and relinquished her right of dower.  [Brunswick Co., VA Deed Book]

- 21 February 1761: Indenture made between Robert & wife Elizabeth Lanier and Thomas Lanier for £65, selling 100 acres

- Between 1761 and 1764, moved to Granville Co., NC

- Took the Oath of Allegiance (Nut Bush, Granville Co.); in 1783 paid by the auditors of Hillsboro 'for sundries furnished, and cash paid the Militia of North & South Carolina, and Virginia'.
- 1790 Island Creek, Hillsboro, Granville, NC census: Thomas Lanier 

- 1800 Hillsboro, Granville, NC census: Thomas Lenier 00101-00101; 15 slaves [males: 1 (16-25), 1 (45+), females 1 (16-25), 1 (45+)] 

- Granville Co., NC: his will was probated there August 1805

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