Family of George Flory &

Caroline Cole




George Flory was born 10 July 1814 in Witnesham, Woodbridge, Suffolk and died 1 December 1853 at St. Peters Street, St. Matthew, Ipswich, Suffolk.


Wife Caroline Cole was born abt. 29 August 1810 at St. Matthew, Ipswich, Suffolk, and died 3 December 1857 at St. Peters Street, St. Matthew, Ipswich, Suffolk.  They were married 15 October 1835 at St. Matthew, Ipswich, Suffolk.



Their children were:

1- George Flory  b: Abt. 29 November 1837  Witnesham, Woodbridge, Suffolk; d: 1853  Ipswich, Suffolk


2- Thomas Flory  b: 5 January 1840  St. Peter's, Ipswich, Suffolk; d: 26 December 1848  St. Peter's, Ipswich, Suffolk


3- Caroline Flory  b: 11 July 1841  Witnesham, Woodbridge, Suffolk; d: 27 October 1909  Camberwell, London

        +Nicholas Frederick Clabby  b: Abt. 1830  Ireland; m: 8 January 1863  Parish Church, St. Nicholas, Ipswich, Suffolk; d: 17 October 1891  Walworth, London


4- Ellen Flory  b: 1842  Ipswich, Suffolk; d: Aft. 1851


5- Robert Smyth Flory  b: 1843  Ipswich, Suffolk; d: 1877  Isle of Wight, Hampshire

        +Amelia Augusta ----


Notes for Robert Flory:

- National Probate Calendar:  25 October (1877).  The will of Robert Flory formerly of the Circus Minories in the Parish of Aldgate in the County of Middlesex afterwards of White-Knight-villas South Reading in the County of Berks but late of Ventnor in the Isle of Wight in the County of Southampton.  Master Mariner who died 15 May 1877 at Ventnor was proved at the Principal Registry by Amelia Augusta Flory of 567 Commercial road in the County of Middlesex widow the relict the sole Executrix.  Effects under £300.


6- Ann Maria Flory  b: 1845  Ipswich, Suffolk

        +Christopher Jeffrey    m: 1866  Ipswich, Suffolk


7- Emma Flory  b: 1846  Ipswich, Suffolk; d: Aft. 1881

        +William Cattermole  b: Abt. 1841; m: 1866  Ipswich, Suffolk; d: Aft. 1881


8- Thomas Smith Flory  b: 1848  Ipswich, Suffolk

        +Sarah A. Wyatt    m: 1866  Ipswich, Suffolk


9- Richard Flory  b: Abt. 17 April 1850  St. Peter's, Ipswich, Suffolk; d: 8 July 1850  St. Peter's, Ipswich, Suffolk


10- Richard Flory  b: 1852 (bap. 15 December 1853)  St. Peter's, Ipswich, Suffolk; d: 23 December 1853  St. Peter's, Ipswich, Suffolk



Notes for George Flory:

- 1841 census (Suffolk, Carlford RD, Witnesham - west of Turnpike Road leading from Ipswich to Ashbocking Toll Gate): George Flory 25 farmer, wife Caroline 25, George 3, Thomas 1, Eliza Strange 20 servant, Sarah Page 20 servant, Rachel Strange 10 servant, John Sherman 15 servant, John Ship 15 servant.  (all born Suffolk)


- 1851 census (Suffolk, St. Peter, Ipswich):  George Flory 37 (b. Ipswich), Caroline Flory 39 (b. Ipswich), George 13 (b. Witnesham), Caroline 9 (b. Witnesham), Ellen 8 (b. Ipswich), Robert 7 (b. Ipswich), Ann M. 5 (b. Ipswich), Emma 4 (b. Ipswich), Thomas S. 2 (b. Ipswich).

- Death Certificate:  1st December 1853, St. Peters Street, Ipswich, George Flory, male, 40 years, Wine Merchant, pulmonary disease of the lungs (certified), informant's name & residence: X the mark of Sarah Bidden, present at the death, St. Helen Ipswich. St. Matthew SD, Ipswich, Suffolk.

- Will:  George Flory made a will on 5 July 1853, which was proved at Ipswich on 1 June 1854.  Effects sworn under £4000.  Executors were wife Caroline and brother Thomas Smith Flory.  Resworn at the Stamp Office April 1871 under £6000.

- Death Certificate:  Third December 1857, St. Peters Street Ipswich, Caroline Flory, female, 47 years, Widow of George Flory Wine Merchant, Hydrothorax (certified), informant's name & residence: X the mark of Elizabeth Woods, present at the death, St. Matthew Ipswich. St. Matthew Ipswich SD, Ipswich, Suffolk.

- 1861 census:

(All Souls, St. Marylebone, Middlesex): Caroline Flory 19 (Ipswich) inpatient at Spinal Hosp.; John Slade administrator.

(Suffolk, Ipswich, St. Helen, school): Annie M. Flory 15 scholar & boarder

(Suffolk, Leiston):  Thomas Flory 12 scholar (visitor with family of William Heard)


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