Derbes Family Tomb

St. Louis Cemetery #2

New Orleans, LA 



Thanks to cousins Yvette Rothaermel for obtaining the original documents and to Yvette Herrmann for transcribing them.



In the town of New Orleans in the State of Louisiana this seventh day of May 1874 before the hereafter mentioned and undersigned witnesses 

Appeared before the Court

Mr René Philippe Théard, living in this town

Who by the present documents sold, assigned and transferred from now on and forever

To Mrs Emérite Lasalle, widow of Joseph Derbès, also living in this town

A place for a private tomb, carrying Nr 8, situated in the cemetery of St Louis Nr 2, in the third row left, leaving the big one in the middle between Conti and Bienville streets and facing sunset.

Together the brick family vault at present built on the said place.

This sale is done for the amount of 300 piastres cash that the said Mrd Emérite Lasalle, widow of Joseph Derbès, has right now paid and counted before the hereafter mentioned and undersigned witnesses to said Mr René Philippe Théard who admits it and gives a good and due receipt.

We attest putting said Mrs Emérite Lasalle, widow of Joseph Derbès, in full possession of the said tomb and place and in order to spare her any trouble in future the original receipt dated October 6 1847, carrying Nr 1057 from the Fabric of St Louis’s church from Mr xxxxxx by the secretary of said Fabric is joined for recourse.

  Made between us the day, month and year like hereover before Mr Jules Norès and Benito Solache, competent witnesses who signed with the seller

                                                                     R.P. Théard


Witnesses J Norès


                                                                   B. Solache

Nr 1057

October 6th 1847



To the Fabric of St Louis’s church in this town of New Orleans




Place for a private tomb Nr 8 in cemetery Nr 2, 3rd row left leaving the big central row between Conti and Bienville streets and facing sunset

For the funeral of Mr Jean Laurelle

Price of said place                                                                     Fr 100

I, undersigned, Secretary of aforesaid Fabric, recognize having received from xxxxx the amount

P.A. Dupuis

Aboved mentioned


                                                          New Orleans, October 6th 1847


                                                For consistent excerpt to Register

                                                Delivered by duplicate this day of 1858




                                       Secretary pro tempi of parish of St Louis’s church


We undersigned declare by the present document sell, assign and transfer to Mr René Philippe Théard all our rights, interests and privileges to the brick tomb as well as the part of earth on which it is built like the said part of earth is described on the joined account. This transfer is done for the amount of 250 piastre cash that we admit having received from said Mr R.P. Théard to whom we establish good and due receipt.


                                                New Orleans, August 27th 1836


Pierre Garin



Ch. Morant                                       


Double fronted tomb, St. Louis Cemetery #3, New Orleans:



Yvette Jubin Barron

Oct. 10, 1917 - Dec. 4, 1970

Joseph Derbes

1820 - 1874

Emerite Derbes

1830 - 1877

Joseph Doussan

1830 - 1897

Paul B. Pardee

1877 - 1933

Gaston J. Doussan

1855 - 1934

Hilda C. Jubin

1894 - 1939

Olivia D. Doussan

1852 - 1943

Elise Doussan Pardee

1881 - 1960

Joseph Eugene Jubin

1890 - 1971

Alice Cabiro Worner

1915 - 2003

John Stephen Barron

1947 - 2011


Emile D. Nores

1848 - 1895

Fortunee Derbes Nores

1845 - 1907

Dr. George H. Antonini

1915 - 1985

Louis J. 'Chip' Antonini

1958 - 2004

Lorraine Jubin Antonini

1918 - 2011



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