Family of Alfred Woolley &

Elizabeth Mabbatt




Alfred Woolley was born c1803 in St. Pancras, Middlesex and died 22 February 1880 at the Union Workhouse, Grays Inn Road, Holborn, Middlesex.  


Wife Elizabeth Mabbatt was born c1806 and died Bet. 1841-1851 in Middlesex.  They were married 2 December 1824 at St. Mary, Hornsey, Middlesex, London.



Their children were:

1- Thomas Woolley  b: 30 August 1834  Copenhagen Street, St. Mary, Islington, Middlesex, London; d: Aft. 1901  London.

        +Catherine Elizabeth Pearce  b: Abt. 1831  Cornwall; m: 5 July 1856  St. Pancras, Middlesex, London [Francis William/---]; d: 1872  Pancras, London

    *2nd wife of Thomas Woolley:

        +Amelia Jane Wymer  b: Abt. 1839  Ingham, Norfolk; m: Bet. 1881-1891; d: 1911  St. George Hanover Square, London


Notes for Thomas Woolley:

- 1861 census (Middlesex, St. Pancras, Tottenham Court, 67 Warner Street): Thomas Woolley 27 (Islington) printer/compositor, wife Catherine E. 30 (Cornwall) mantle maker, Ellen 11 (Lambeth) scholar, nephew Frances Shues 3 (St. Pancras).
- 1871 census (51 George Street, Somers Town, St. Pancras, London): Thomas Woolley 37 printer/compositor (St. Pancras, Middlesex), wife Catherine E. 39 (Cornwall), Ellen N. 20 sewing machinist (Lambeth, Surrey).
- 1881 census (71 Walterton Road, Paddington, London, Middlesex): Widower Thomas Wooley 47 (Islington, Middlesex) compositor; Margurete M. Kenna, unm lodger, 36 (Belfast, Ireland) dress Maker.
- 1891 census (St. Margaret & St. John the Evangelist, Westminster): Thomas Woolley 60 compositor (London), Amelia J. 46 (Ingham, Norfolk).

- 1901 Belgrave, St. George Hanover Square, London:  Thomas Woolley 71 printer compositor, wife Amelia J. 58 piano forte music teacher, stepson Bertram A. Rodgers 33 professional musician clarinet, lodger Annie Oakley 28 cook & domestic, general servant Eliza Clark 29, housemaid Ethel Wollen 15.


2- Barnabas Walker (Woolley)  b: Abt. 1835 (bap. 20 October 1837 - parent Johanna Walker, pauper)  St. Margaret, Chipstead, Surrey; d: Aft. 1851


3- Charles Woolley  b: 6 November 1837  All Souls, Marylebone, London; d: Aft. 1851


4- Alfred Woolley  b: 20 March 1840  17 Drummond Crescent, Somers Town, St. Pancras, Middlesex; d: 9 February 1907  Camberwell, London

        + Clemmon Elizabeth Harriott  b: Abt. 1842  Lewes, Sussex; m: 21 May 1864  St. John's Parish Church, Lewes, Sussex; d: Bet. 1871-1881



Second Wife Joanna Walker was born c1810 in Chipstead, Surrey, and died 27 December 1885 in Islington, London.  They were married 26 August 1851 at St. Michael's, Highgate, Camden, Middlesex.


5- Joanna Woolley  b: 4 August 1842  Prospect Terrace, St. Pancras, Middlesex; d: Aft. 25 April 1858 (baptism)


6- Mary Hester Woolley  b: Abt. 1847  St. Andrews, Middlesex, London; d: Aft. 1871


7- Joseph Woolley  b: Abt. 1852  St. Pancras, Middlesex, London; d: Aft. 1881




Notes for Alfred Woolley:

- 1841 census (All Souls & Trinity, St. Marylebone, Middlesex, Ogle Street):  Mary Gibbons 25 (Ireland?), Elizabeth Wooley 35 (no birthplace) Independent means, Thomas 5, Charles 4, Alfred 1.
- 1841 census (Finsbury, St Andrew Eastern, St Andrew Holborn (above the bars) Middlesex, Mt. Pleasant):  Alfred Woolley 35 compositor, Joanna 30, Alice Walker 20.  [Barnabas Walker living with his Walker grandparents in Chipstead, Surrey.]

- Possible business: June 1846 P.O. London Directory - Woolley & Cook, printers, 7 St. Benet's pl., Gracechurch St.

- 1851 census (St. George, Holborn St. Andrew, Middlesex; St. Andrew, Trinity, Finsbury):  Alfred Woolley 47 (St. Pancras) compositor, wife Joanna 40 (Surrey) needlewoman, Thos. 17 (Islington) apprentice compositor, Barnabas 16 (Shoreditch) apprentice engineer, Charles 13 (St. Pancras) out of situation, Alfred 11 (St. Pancras) scholar, Mary Hester 3 (St. George Martyr), relative Alice Walker 31 (Mickleham, Surrey) needlewoman, relative Joanna Walker 8 (St. Andrews).

- 1861 census (N. Pancras, Grays Inn Road, Marylebone, Regent Square, 14 Prospect Terrace):  Alfred Woolley 57 (St. Pancras, Mdsx) printer/compositor, wife Johanna 50 (Chipstead, Surrey) needlewoman, Alfred 21 (Marlebone, Mdsx) lithographic printer, Mary H. 13 (St. Andrews, Mdsx), Joseph 9 (St. Pancras, Mdsx), sister-in-law Alice Walker 41 (Mickleham, Surrey) needlewoman (single), niece Joanna Walker (Clerkenwell, Mdsx) artificial flower maker, lodger Henry Arnett 32 (Mdsx) widower, bookbinder finisher.

- 1871 census (186 Grays Inn Road, St. Andrew Eastern, St. Andrew Holborn, London; Finsbury):  Alfred Wooley 67 (St. Pancras) compositor, wife Joanna 60 (Chipstead, Surrey), Mary H. 23 (St. Pancras, Middlesex) artificial flower maker, Joseph 19 (St. Pancras) comin berliot?.

- 1881 census (22 Leigh Road, Middlesex, London): Annie Warren 50 matron at home for invalids, widow Joanna Woolley 60 (Middlesex, London) patient. - ??


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