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poems and poetry

If you have a poem or a piece of verse you would like the world to see E-mail it to me by clicking here I will put the poems on my site. If you need ideas about poems how about parents, friends, school, holidays, rainy days, love. What ever poem you like. You could click the link below and include your poem on a free online greetings card, and send it to a lover, friend or family. Let the poet in you come out. Please do not nick these poems write your own, some of the poems are copyrighted. If you have any ideas for this poem page let me know in the guestbook. How about some valentine poems?

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Betrayed Love by amorette Adams

As I sit here thinking of you.
I realize the pain I feel maybe true.
What a fool I must be,
to believe you could ever love me.
I should stop and say no more.
I've been tainted by the love of a whore.
He broke my heart and played with my head.
I think I would have been better off dead.
And now I keep my heart locked tight,
so that it may never be blinded by another's light.
I was and still am a fool,
to believe I could be more then a tool.
And now I am all alone and going insane
but its better this way,
cause I'm free of the pain



In Memory Of A Wonderful Dog by Claire Hales

  You were left at the baths

By someone with no heart

But we loved you

Right  from the start.


You came into our life

And gave us so much love.

You meant everything to us

But now you're up above.


We loved you Bumpy - Oh so much,

And in our hearts still do!

Though you've now gone to sleep

You've gone to join Jess too!


You were a lovely dog

Loyal, friendly and true.

Enjoy life in heaven

and wait for us - Do!!



Miracles     Rachel Bissonnette Age 12

  The moonlit water

Curls upon the sand

Led with pride

By God's guiding hand.


So many miracles

That people can't see

Rainbows, clouds

Lakes, seas.

 People are blind

To the miracle of life

The happiness in joy

The sadness in strife.

 Why can't we just see?

The joy that surrounds us

Because we can't perceive

What is wrong or just.

 Some day

God will give us this sight

But for now

The world seems to have no light


Gone Too Soon by Saige (age 13)


You would tuck me in every night

With gentle kisses and hugs so tight

You laughed at my jokes and cried with my pain

You always were there come sunshine or rain


You raised us alone you were so strong

Always with smile and your heart with song

Behind closed doors I would hear you weep

Dad left you alone and the pain went deep


You left too soon I know not why

There'll be many nights I'm sure I'll cry

As I look to the heavens I shall call your name

From this day forward life will not be the same


As time marches on I'm sure it will show

I am in good hands and this I'm sure you know

There is one thing certain that all will see

A part of you will always be a part of me


Love you Mom


"I Love You" By Madeleine

Dreams are the only way we meet,
I'm seeing you in front of me and we are laughing,
The three words leave my mouth and escape to you,
They are no longer secret,
Dreams are not reality but I sometimes wish they were,
I want so much for those three words to keep escaping to you,
Again and again,


Mark my words.... By Kirsty White

Come thunder, lightening, Rain or shine
Mark my words, he will be mine
Through life or death,
True love or lust
Mark my words, have him I must,
To hell and back, To live or die,
Mark my words, he is the
sun in my sky,
Light or dark, Friend or foe,
Mark my words, I've been hit by cupid's arrow
Smile or frown, Laugh or cry,
Mark my words, he'll never die,
For in my heart, He shall live on,
Mark my words, he shall live on.



A laughing child in a buttercup field,
The war now over the injury's healed,
But the terror remains within the child's head,
The family still missing and Daddy now dead.

The graves they are many the memories strong,
And as for the child where does he belong?
He's outwardly young and inwardly old,
But with family gone cant return to the fold.

One day he'll grow up He will live again,
But the horror and nightmares they will remain,
There's a lesson to learn but will it be heeded,
Tolerance and calm and peace is what's needed

Why?  by Roxanne Roberts

I sit and wonder
why he would do such a thing?
A man I called "dad".
Someone I trusted.
He lost my respect when he treated me bad.
He ruined my life, and it makes me so mad.
I trusted this man, I looked up to him.
That's when my life began to dim.
I can't begin to tell you exactly what went on.
I'll just keep my head held high, and try to be real strong.
He stole my childhood away from me; I was just a little girl.
I really don't know what to say except....
He destroyed my whole world.

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