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Hi my name is Chenelle, I am 11 Years old . this used to be my sisters site but now I am taking it over. This site is about some of my interests, animal shelters (cats and dogs etc), pen friends or pen pals, poems, free online games. I don't like the idea of animal shelters, I wish their was no need for them, but because of the way people are we will always need them. I have a page with ideas on how to help animal shelters. Where to find animal quarantine kennels I also have a page for you to send free online greetings cards electronically. If you have any ideas for my site please let me know especially about the free online games. Click the images to get to a page, I hope you like it. Please sign my guestbook, its nice to know when you've visited. The guestbook link is at the top of the page.



 I am always looking for new games, so if you have any ideas please email me.:)



We all need friends near or far you can never have enough. On the pen pals page its free and you do not have to register like some sites. View the pen pals on the page and reply to them or leave a message for someone to reply to you. Get yourself pen pals or pen friends

cats, dogs, ponies, rabbits, mice, hamsters and even spiders I love all animals, I have two of my own. This is my little bit to try and help animal shelters . On this page you can find pets that are in animal shelters waiting for someone to love them. I have a UK animal sanctuaries directory of contact phone numbers and some featured web links to animal rescue homes. If you would like to know how you could help your local animal shelter Look for the puppy picture with "help me" beneath it. It takes you to a page of ideas of how you can help.

When I get a quiet moment on my own I like to doodle poems. I hope you do to. If you send me your poem I will put it on this page. The poem can be about anything, love, places, romance, hobbies, parents, friends, pets, Orlando bloom . What ever poem you like


send a free online greetings card. Birthday cards, Christmas cards, valentine cards Easter cards all the serious stuff. There is also fun cards and joke cards. All are animated and some come with music. There is also some really good greetings cards using "flash". You can book your Christmas card now to be sent at Christmas.

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