Annie the Tranny - the farkling begins

These are my pictures that start to show off the personalisation I am making to "Annie the Tranny" to turn her from being "a bike" into being "my bike". The first one is the MRA Vario Touring screen with spoiler which removes buffeting of the helmet at speed (already tested to 3 figure speeds). What is not so obvious is the realignment of the mirror stems for a better view in the mirrors and the fact that the lower (black) exhaust heat shield is now bolted on and not just resting in place (the bolts were there, just not done up, not even in the thread of the captured nuts).

In the cockpit, below the screen and above the facia are the twin power sockets to power both gps sat nav and my mobile phone. Not in shot is the Crampbuster on the end of the throttle, but in shot is the go-cruise (for long boring stretches of motorway or trunk road riding). Also in shot is the relocated tax disc holder up behind the screen, now that is has been dried out and de-rusted, primed and repainted.

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