Mark's scooters

No longer riding:-
Mark has ceased riding and as of 1st July 2009 he now has a Fiat Punto 1,200 cc which will hopefully see him through his days at university and into employment. It's basic, but sorted and will hopefully prove reliable transport.

Before the Fiat Punto Mark rode...
This rather nice and clean 1999 Suzuki Burgman AN400X (the first 2 photographs were taken by the vendor and posted on eBay). It didn't sell on eBay so we went along and made him an offer. John had owned it from new, sold it once then bought it back again 3 weeks later. I rode it home because he'd failed his bike test 2 week earlier, but passed 2 weeks later. He recently sold it to another Mark from Swadlincote, so it's still a local bike, having been sold new by a dealer in Burton-Upon-Trent, lived in Ashby with John, then with us in Derby before going to it's new home in Swad. And I had the delightful task of riding it to it's new home, being the only person insured to ride it as Mark had cancelled his policy.

The marks on the side are shadows, in pristine condition when bought. Givi screen fitted is excellent. All the accessories were fitted when bought but the heated grips didn't work and were removed.
Suzuki Burgman AN400X Freshly cleaned and awaiting a buyer. Suzuki Burgman AN400X As seen from the other side.
Suzuki Burgman AN400X
Looks good front on, impressive even.
Suzuki Burgman AN400X
The Givi screen gives added weather protection.
Suzuki Burgman AN400X - fitted Givi touring screen The cockpit with central mounting for sat nav.

Suzuki Burgman AN400X - fitted Givi topbox Plenty of storage space, very handy, under seat takes full face lid.

Previously owned:-
Mark's first scooter - bought off his older brother Andy. It's a Peugeot SpeedFighter2 50cc scooter - Prost limited Edition (last of the air cooled models). Originally bought from a local dealer it had been partially de-restricted and was good for an illegal 45mph (50mph with a tail wind). When we advertised it on eBay it was snapped up by a family from Bradford because it was the exact model, colour and spec that their son wanted - not a bad 16th birthday present, that and his CBT.

One of the last of the air-cooled Speedfighter II.

A tribute to both boys and the care they put into it.

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