I am a Senior Project Leader in Fracture Integrity Management in the Structural Integrity Group at TWI in Great Abington, Cambridge. I began in August 2003 as a Project Leader in the Defect Assessment Section (same section, since re-named). I do projects involving: fracture toughness testing of welds; Engineering Critical Assessments (ECAs) of pipelines; failure investigations; welding and mechanical testing programmes;  plus I'm often Duty Engineer for the Welding Engineer's Helpdesk. Since going back to work after having Rosie I now work part time.

I became a Chartered Engineer through The Welding Institute in 2005, and am involved in the Institute as a professional body through its Younger Members Committee and the Eastern Counties Branch of the Welding and Joining Society.

 No, okay I'm not really a welder, but this picture is more interesting than one of me sat at my computer!

I finished my PhD with the University of Cambridge and TWI in summer 2003. My project was the Investigation of Microstructure & Properties of Laser and Laser/GMA Hybrid  Welds in Structural Steel, which I did with the Joining Group in the Materials Science Department at the University, and the Lasers Department at TWI.

I presented my first paper at the 6th International Conference on Trends in Welding Research, Pine Mountain, Georgia, USA in April 2002. In 2003 I delivered three further papers in London, Denmark and Norway. You can read my papers and see details of my project here. A few of my papers have appeared in journals too. I also gained my European Welding Technologist diploma in 2002 while doing my PhD with TWI, and completed Engineer level in 2004, so I'm now a qualified European Welding Engineer. The picture above is from my practical welding training as part of EWT.

I graduated in July 2000 from Newnham College, Cambridge with a BA and MSci in Materials Science & Metallurgy.

In the past I have worked for British Steel (now Corus) in Rotherham, and Power Technology in Nottingham, on metallurgical research projects during the summers of 1998 and 2000.



In my spare time I enjoy re-enacting battles from the Dark Ages with the Vikings! which I have done since 1999. I fight mainly using a sword and shield, or as an archer. But I can also fight with a short or long spear. Each year we re-enact the Battle of Hastings at Battle on the weekend closest to the anniversary of the battle (14th October).


I also play football, which I did for Darwin College as striker and defender for a number of years. Now I play 5-a-side with the lads from work one evening a week. Before having Rosie I also played rugby for a couple of seasons with Shelford Ladies. My favourite spectator sport, however, is Aussie Rules football-I support the Sydney Swans. I am also a regular blood donor, and have given over twenty times so far! I am also interested in bird watching (see my Bird Cam page), and going to the movies.



I am an  Identical Twin, but Eleanor and I also have another sister, Claudia.  This is a picture of my family (l-r Stephen, Susan, Claudia & El). El has her own website which tells more about her. El and Tim have a son Charlie who was born in March 2007.

My dad Stephen has his own website now that he is retired, but used to be a teacher at Colchester Sixth Form College, which has educated myself and both sisters over the years. Dad has also done some occasional lecturing at Essex University. My mum Susan used to work for the Citizen's Advice Bureau amongst other things, and both my parents have a keen interest in tracing our family tree.