I'm now a senior lecturer with the Computer Laboratory in the University of Cambridge. This is my work web page.

In 2007 I left Queen Mary, University of London. Lovely department, but a frustrating commute - I was an Academic Fellow in the Department of Computer Science. I had (re)started a network/systems research laboratory in that department; initially we were concentrating upon novel mechanisms for identifying network-applications. I also have projects working on network high-performance and wide-area network monitoring. For more information check out my old work web page.

Prior to joining QMUL I was a Intel Research Fellow in the Computer Laboratory out on West Cambridge site. In 2000 I finished my PhD in computer networking, on "Measurement-based Management of Constrained Resources" at the Computer Laboratory in the University of Cambridge.

Before my PhD I worked as a researcher in Cambridge since 1996, and prior to that I was at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, where I did a four year undergraduate degree in a hybrid of Computer Science and  Engineering. I also obtained my Masters, and worked as a lecturer there for a number of years too.



In the past I have been an active member of the Cambridge Tri Club and  more recently rowing/sculling with Rob Roy Boat Club. Since I wrote this sentence virtually years ago, it is a lie, I get in a swimming pool occasionally but only to make the poolside staff laugh and everyone else feel better... sigh.

My other interests include astronomy and browsing book-stores, but I don't have much time for that either.... sigh.



My family live in Melbourne, Australia. This is a (fairly old) picture of me with my parents and brother, Nick. 

Mum survives Dad, who died a number of years ago. Nick has moved into a house he and his partner, Simone have bought in Richmond. Mum is retired although spends time caring for friends and family while Nick works in film editing and Simone is a great chef.