{short description ofimage} Anyone coming to this site, who is not an English trucker would probably wonder what on earth a dolly knot was. The word is not in Chamber's concise English dictionary neither is it in the Oxford concise. A dolly knot is a special knot that English truckers use to rope a load on to a trailer with. The clever thing about it is, it works the same as a pulley. It enables you to get much more tension on the rope, than you would just pulling it, what makes it especially clever, is you can put another dolly knot in the pulling part, thus multiplying the tension. Archimedies once said "Give me a lever long enough and I will move the world". Dolly knots can be used the same way. Give me a ton weight in the middle of a field with trees around it and I will move it on my own, just using rope. I once pulled my car out of a snow drift using dollyknots. I weigh under ten stone (which is 140 lb). Egyptologists say the Egyptians did not use pulleys to build the pyramids, the reason they say this is, there is no archaeological evidence for pulley blocks. You do not need pulley blocks to make a pulley.

A dolly knot is not a sailors knot, I went to merchant navy school they taught us loads of different knots. They did not teach us the dollyknot. I have asked people who were in the Royal Navy no dolly knots there.  Looking through boy scouts websites, turns up the alternative name for a dolly knot, namely a 'harvesters hitch' which makes it sound like a farmers knot, I would appreciate more info. 

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