On the left a photo taken in 1981 belived to be during NFD: G3PDL G4OGB G4JRY G3CCH G4GZB Andy, Mick Shucksmith G4NEG G8GIH G4GZC G6HUA G8TIY G4CBY G8XMP.


A few photos of days gone by featuring local Hams
looking a good deal younger. How many can you recognize?
Some sadly are no longer with us.




Jim G3HRP operating the Arts and Crafts
Exhibition Station in the 1950s
This photo was taken in the 50's at the Wortley Hotel, it was on the
occassion of the only dinner the SARC ever had.
Back row from the left. Master Sumpter, Bill Stones,
Peter Jackson G3KNU, Ivan Rhyder G3JWR, John Stace G3CCH,
Eric Galey, Alan Dickens G3HLR, G4EQD's Dad,
Graham Layzell G3AMM, his son, Jim Wright G3HRP,
Front row the Ladies. Betty Stamp now Jackson G0NYL,
Mrs S Rhyder, Mrs W Stace, Mrs Layzell, Mrs A Dickens,
Nigel G4EQD's Mum, Mrs Wright, Mrs W Galey.

NFD in the late 50's. QTH near Burringham.
Only 10 watts i/p(about 7 watts out) was permitted, all operation
under canvas. The two stations shared the six bands between them.
The entry was the two scores added together. Scunthorpe Club
were always in the top ten.
Top left G3KNU/P all home brew. Top Right inside the TX, yes it
does look like a rats nest but it worked! Bottom left Johnny G3CCH
resting. Bottom right Dave G3JGB operating G3JWR/P.