You have reached the outer edge of the world wide web and arrived at the pages of Peter Hoyle.


These pages are being used to advertise my services, show a gallery of personal photos, test out basic web design and link to a special test site.

  • Business Software Solutions
  • Reporting
  • Data Analysis
  • Basic Web Design
  • Basic XML Services


Check out the projects that I have been involved in to see whether any of them are similar to your own requirements. If so I may be able to adapt previous software with substantial savings in time and money.


Decidedly amateur photography, but you never know, if I take enough photos, some may turn out OK!!


A whole host of links to pages that I have found useful or interesting over the last few years


This page links to a web site on my home machine. The links will only work when my home machine is running. I am using it to check out the running of a web server and linking pages to databases.


Please feel free to contact me at peter@peterhoyle.co.uk