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I am not trading anymore, as I so rarely listen to all the boots I already have. Feel free to ask anyhow but I'm getting really bad at replying to emails. Mostly I get shows from Bit Torrents now, if at all.
I can do B&P for UK.

I will trade for anything I don't have by the Chills, Spoon, Grandaddy and especially the Triffids. I have lost a lot of my other boots so I have slimmed my list down recently.

Trades only - I do not sell anything. Please don't ask.

Blackeyed Susans
The Breeders
Buffalo Tom
The Chameleons
Chills & Martin Phillipps
The Clean
Tanya Donelly
Explosions In The Sky
50 Foot Wave
The Go-Betweens
House of Love
Jack Frost
Kitchens of Distinction

Mates of State

The Moodists

Neutral Milk Hotel



The Secret Machines

The Sound


Throwing Muses & Kristin Hersh

The Triffids & David McComb

The Walkmen


World Party


Please be honest about the quality of your bootlegs. I always try to. Please don't send discs with track gaps, static clicks or other errors unless you have told me about them before hand. If I send out a faulty disc then I will replace it. I expect the same from people I trade with. The presence of errors might not stop me trading but I want to know up front. 

Trades must be on known brand CDR's. I now use only TDK, Kodak or Sony or  similar named brand. If you have a preference let me know. All discs must be written as "disc at once" i.e. no gaps between tracks. I usually send in paper sleeves and padded envelope to keep postage low. More technical blurb here. I am in England, encase it matters to you. I am happy to trade anywhere in the world.

All my dates are day/month/year - sorry for any inconvenience but I'm British so naturally awkward and culturally inadaptable!