Photos converted to truly paintable images, downloaded, printed then painted over.

Learn to paint photos efficiently by this quick and simple mehod described below.

How does it work ?

Image 1: The original photograph with many greyscale tones
Image 2: Reduced to six greyscale tones.
Image3: The processed image, or the bitmap template


Image 3 is the one which is printed on any printer-friendly artists medium, then painted over to the palette of image 2. Note the paler greyscale tones within image 3. These paler tones palette correspond to the palette of image 2. The rule being to start with the darkest shade first and complete all of that shade, then proceed and complete the next darkest shade, and so on. Note that the darkest area is deleted within image 3. All of the tones are within almost invisible contour lines so one can delete all the larger areas of any tone within the image 3.

See the guide for a detailed description on how to manipulate the picture templates and a quick and easy method on how to paint your own pictures like photographs.

So - Go create an arty snap!

Simply visit the freebies section, download, print and paint away at your snappy photo-graphic!


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