Essential help whilst learning painting is an effective solution for creating your own artwork easily and professionally from ready made, or custom made picture templates from photographs, retaining the necessary detail of the original photograph to form a truly paintable image.

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Please visit the introduction page first for the basics

The images are in bitmap format and comprise of 2 parts, the image to copy from, and a paler image within contour lines. These are downloaded from this site, and then picture 2 can then be printed on any artists printerfriendly medium, and painted over using any suitable artist materials.

To keep things simple, and indeed the most effective end result, these pictures are geared around greyscale shades, after some experience is achieved, your pictures are designed to be altered or replaced with colour by yourselves at a later time.

After printing the paler picture on a suitable artists medium of your choice, the idea is to paint over the paler picture to the pallet of the original.

Please see the guide for a detailed description on how to manipulate the picture outlines, and also described there is a quick and easy method to learn to paint from, and how to paint your pictures like photographs.There is also help for people unfamiliar with art packages, though the pictures are designed to print and paint immediately.

Please visit the freebies section for immediate downloads for the use of good practice whilst you are learning painting, some easy and some more complex. These are all zipped bitmap image sets. There are plenty to choose from.

You can also submit via email me your favourite photos or pictures, you may wish to have converted to the format for painting over. Be it popstars, they really turn out well regarding the popart look! or loved ones, scenic, or pictures already painted before (digital please!). See Submit for more details.

Also please visit the kids stuff for the childrens online games section, colouring pages etc..

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