Utrecht. Netherlands.

The Janskerk, Utrect, 5 Apr 1991

Items in the Janskerk included here are a tomb chest with a priestly effigy and above him his charge of arms. This shows the folly of just rushing ahead and colouring memorials in pretty colours rather than checking what they should be. The cardinal’s hat should be in a plum red colour, not black.

The other example here is one of about six of the very largest ledger slabs. It measures about 12 feet by 7 feet. Many of these slabs have been cut up to make such things as steps and curbs but there are still several large slabs with skeletons lying on shrouds in a recumbent position. Some of these are very badly worn and some in a very good condition depending on where they have been lying in the church and whether they have been constantly walked on. Some also have evidence of being re-used as the one shown here. The charge of arms has been chiselled off the shield and the border of the slab and a newer inscription has been added in the top left hand corner. There are quite a number of these defacings at various churches in the Netherlands.

Tomb chest with a priestly effigy Charge of arms above. Large Ledger Slab Tomb.



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