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The Churchmouse Website is an enthusiasts site, written for enthusiasts, in the areas of church architecture and furniture, church and funerary monuments, history and archeology. We aim to stimulate interest and share information among like-minded people.


The Churchmouse Website is a non profit making site, drawing its information from a library and photographs collected over the past fifty years.

All artwork and photographs are either our own copyright, or copyright by some third party we have sought permission from. In a few cases we have not been able to locate the copyright owner, or the age of the material is such that we think there is no longer a copyright issue. If you wish to copy or use these images, please contact us for permission. In most cases we have no objection to free use of our material for non profit making purposes.

All textual content within this site is written and owned by the Churchmouse Website unless credited otherwise. Please note that copright on text is reserved as with the images, please contact us if you wish to use material from this site.

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We try to offer content on this site rather than fancy graphics and sophisticated gizmos. This site should work with most browsers and platforms, but we would recommend a minimum specification of Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 or Netscape Navigator 3, running with a screen resoloution of 800x600 at 256 colours. To gain advantage of the photographs, 1024x768 at 16k colours would be better.

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We try to make sure that the content on this page is accurate and the integrity of links is maintained. If you find any errors in content, any dead hyperlinks, or any javascript errors please contact the churchmouse webmaster.



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