The Church of St. Lawrence and St. George

The church of St Lawrence and St George has an Anglo-Saxon west tower which was "restored" in 1895. The font is a heavy and undecorated Early English bowl set on a 19th century base. Hanging in this church is a very rare Virgins corona or crown. (sometimes also known as a garland) This was originally white and made of silk and paper to be carried in front of a young girl (virgin) at her funeral and it was then hung up in the church in her memory. This particular one was made for a young local girl, Mary Hill, who was killed by being taken up to the roof and then dropped onto the font surround whilst bell ringing in 1814.

The stained glass in this church is of about 1865 and although said to be similar to a Morris Style it is thought to have actually been by Powells.


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