Prague. The Czech Republic.

Prague, The Czech Republic. 5-Dec-1993.

This section is the result of a Telephone call I took at work the week before departing at the weekend in December.

I was requested to accompany a couple of friends for a long day trip to look at some churches and perhaps a synagogue and "would I please bring my passport?" This was why I left home on the Sunday morning before 5 o’clock to get to Humberside Airport and touched down about 3 hours later in Prague Airport. The days sight seeing was a complete success but very tiring.

The first place we visited was the Strahov Monastery where there was a service in progress but there was plenty to see and we walked down from there via the church of St Roch & eventually to the river where a bus picked us up and took us to the market square and on with the tour. We took in many churches and other buildings but mainly from various vantage points seeing the outsides. We were pleased when the tour finished and we started out on our own explorations which first took us to see The Cathedral of St Vitus. Here we saw a pair of marvellous bronze doors with some fine carving particularly on the tympanum. Way up above the doors we saw a really magnificent and very large rose window.


Inside the cathedral we saw several early carved wall slabs and some particularly nice stained glass windows. When we came out we went round the East end and saw how the small chapels all fitted together as well as passing the war memorial and St Georges Church.


We made our way to the old town square also taking in the Church of Our Lady of Tyn and also saw the Archbishop’s Palace in Hradcany Square. The Palace was by Johann Joseph Wirch and the crest above was that of Archbishop Anton Peter Graf. Prince of Prichowitz. Some of the sculpture being by I.F.Platzer and T.Seidan.


One of the best parts of our tour round was the old - new Synagogue and the old Jewish Quarter with its own town hall in candy pink paint, as well as the Klausen Synagogue right next door to it. Near by we walked round the old Jewish Cemetery where the memorials are extremely densely packed in and some of which we were assured were very old.


We arrived back home at about 10-30 at night feeling very tired but having seen sights which I had never dreamed of.






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