Melaka (Malacca) Malaysia.

MELAKA (MALACCA) MALAYSIA. 2/11/1989. & 23/8/1994.

In October/November 1989 I flew back into Singapore from Shanghai. China to find that I could not obtain a flight home for a week. So being marooned I let my Manager in the engineering company know I wouldn’t be in for another week and did some sight seeing round Singapore. It was suggested by my hotel that I might really enjoy a long day trip by coach with a guide accompaniment up to Malacca.

I enjoyed this trip so much that when I visited friends in Adelaide Australia with my wife in 1994 I arranged for a weeks stopover, in Singapore on the way home. I took her on a similar trip to show her some of the things I had seen in Singapore and (Malacca.) Melaka. Malaysia.

One of the first things we saw was the church shown here, Christ Church, which was built in 1753, (Possibly a rebuild.) and quite plain inside. Shown also are two of the early, rather plain, wall tablets of which there are quite a number. There are also a number of floor ledger slabs at least one of which dates from 136 years before the building date shown on the front of the church.

At the back of this church is a footpath which takes one to the top ( one could hardly call it a summit) of St Paul’s Hill where there was the ruin of the old St Paul’s Church which contained many large ledger slabs serried round the inside of the walls at least one slab of which is that of a Cardinal.

The church is the place where St Francis Xavier was first interred and his statue stands on a plinth at the side of the church.

There was a large fort gateway at the bottom of the hill on the opposite side to Christ Church. This area also contained early tombs, many of which were Dutch.

Whilst in Malacca I was invited to enter the inner sanctum of the oldest Chinese Temple in Malaysia. This is the Cheng Hoong Teng Temple (Opposite the Chinese Opera) to which we were guided and which proved extremely interesting. The worship here consists of a mixture of beliefs of Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism. The three pictures of the Temple show the inner sanctum and the guardians of the doorway:- on the left the Female Lion holding a cub and on the right is the Male Lion holding a pearl.



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