The Church of St. Mary

Mablethorpe is a small seaside town for holidaymakers populated in the summer and a very small remaining population in the winter. Well Known for its sea and sands. Once two villages but one was reclaimed by the sea in the early 1540’s. The present church is St Mary’s and is about 1 to 2 miles inland from the present core of the village

There have been many changes to the church in recent years especially a major rebuild in 1976 -1979. By G.R.Mack. The nave was of brick and dated 1714.The brick has been reused in the present walls. The north porch entrance was once the 1889 east window from Manby church. The church has an odd camel back appearence with a low west tower and the chancel roof is higher. The chancel is built of boulders and bricks. The site was given in the 1300,s and the arcades of the nave date to that period., whilst after the rebuild the roof of the nave is now supported on diagonal timber struts.

The communion rail is dated 1714 and the stained glass in the north aisle is a crucifixion window by Anthony Holloway in 1979. There is a Tomb and Easter Sepulchre said to be that of Thomas Fitzwilliam who died in 1494.There is a helm above and a brass with an 18 inch figure to Elizabeth Fitzwilliam of 1522.


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