Maastricht. Netherlands.

Cathedral Church of St Serviatus, Maastricht, Netherlands. Easter 1993.

Another treasure of a church is the St Serviaas Basilica (Cathedral Church of St Serviatus) in Maastricht, also in the Netherlands, which I visited at Easter 1993.
The west porch door


Just inside the west porch door (The main entrance into the church complex.) is the cloister which dates from approximately 1475 in which there stands a very large bell which weighs 6650kg. This was cast in 1515 by Willem and Caspar Moers. Note the unusual ‘stitched or riveted repair.


The main entrance (Maiestas Domini) into the church lies on the far side of this cloister. has a 12th century Tympanum over the doors.

12th century Tympanum

This shows a relief carving of Christ seated on a rainbow surrounded by 4 symbols of the gospels. The text translates as:-

" This is the house of prayer. A house where sins are forgiven. Cross over the threshold, my people, in order to receive absolution for your sins. Here is the source of justice which purifies your sin."

On walking straight through at the west end of the building one exits by the south door. Immediately on exiting one should stop and turn about and look at the ‘Royale Entrance’ Early Gothic Porch with elements in a Romanesque style. It is said to follow the examples of the French Cathedrals. On the left side: The Old Testament with Abraham, Moses, David and St John the Baptist.

On the right side it depicts the New Testament. The first statue near to the door is shown as The Virgin Mary with the Christ-child. This is a mistake made in the restoration of 1885 and should in fact be shown as Simeon. The next is St John the Baptist, then St John the Evangelist and St Servaas. (St Serviatus).

In the arches above the door one can see various Patriarchs, Prophets, Kings and "The Genealogical Tree of St Servaas." In a couple of places are the figures with just the remains of the original paint. Whereas all the rest of the figures are shown in a brightly coloured & restored condition.

Just over the door is shown carvings of the Death-Assumption- and Coronation of the Holy Virgin.

There are not so many monuments inside the nave but it’s marvellous multi-coloured windows are it’s real gems, three of these are shown here.




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