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Grimsby, Lincolnshire

Church of St. James.


Now a port with over 92,000 people the main industry is Fishing and Frozen Food products, unfortunately the fishing industry is in rapid decline. The docks were first built from 1798 onwards and flourished there was a castle started in 1200 but never finished and the site is now completely unknown. There is now a new shopping mall in the center.

St James’ church, which was originated in the 13th century and much altered in the 19th & 20th Centuries has a 13th century base with a 14th century bowl. The stained glass in the transepts is by Hugh Easton 1943 and that in the lady chapel by LC Evetts. The monuments consist of a 14th Century Knight, 1808 and 1826 and wall tablets of 1829. There are several other 20th century churches and chapels.


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