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Peter Fairweather 1940-2006

Churchmouse passed away suddenly but peacefully in the early hours of Friday 28th July 2006.
His family wish this website to be his memorial.



Peter Fairweather, Holland 1995 I write under the name of Churchmouse on subjects you can read about on this website. My main areas of interest are Ecclesiastical Architecture, Stained Glass, Church Monuments and other Funerary Monuments such as Cast Iron Grave Markers. I live in Lincoln, England which is also the city of my birth. Lincoln is the principal City of the beautiful agricultural county of Lincolnshire and has one of the finest Cathedrals there is. It is a city of tourism, engineering and education . Should you wish to visit the area please get in touch and I can obtain details of accommodation etc.




Out and About

Anybody any information on Grimsley's of Oxford?.

Grimsley's produced decorated plasterwork and artificial stone gravemarkers during the late nineteenth century.

Is anybody interested in this? Has anybody any information on Grimsley's & location of any of their gravemarkers? There are many samples shown on our Grimsley pages. Please email me.

The Medieval Limestone Frieze on the West Front of Lincoln Cathedral.

Carved from limestone by medieval masons Lincoln Cathedrals Romanesque Frieze on the west front of Lincoln Cathedral would have originally been highly colourful. The panels of the Romanesque frieze visible today are probably fragments of a larger frieze, added in the mid 12th century to Bishop Regimus' original Romanesque cathedral.

For 17 years this frieze has been undergoing extensive restoration, often obscuring much of the west front with scaffolding. Now completed, it is to be unveiled by Prince Philip on March 26th 2001.

Abraham's Bosom, from the restored Romanesque Frieze, Lincoln Cathedral.

Cadaver Tombs and Other Monumental Depictions of Death

Cadaver tombs showed a medieval fascination of the inevitibility and levelling power of death, no matter how great a person's earthly status, and were often adorned with gruesome additions such as verminous creatures feeding on the remains.

Photographs and information from the fifteenth century cadaver tomb to later monumental images of death and resurrection.

Cadaver Effigy on the Wakeman Cenotaph, Tewkesbury Abbey. Photograph: Peter Fairweather.

New Stuff on the Churchmouse Website ~Bits and Bobs...

Some of our photographs taken from around the world are to be found on: Bits and Bobs from Around the World. A start at publishing pictures taken on some international wanderings.

Bell in the Cloister, at St Serviaas Basilica (Cathedral Church of St Serviatus) in Maastricht, Netherlands. Photograph: Peter Fairweather.





The Churchmouse Churches Page. A list of all churches covered on this site.
Church Monuments of interest. A selection of monuments to be found at churches and other sites in Lincolnshire and beyond.
A guide around Lincolnshire. A location driven guide to pages on this site.
Lincoln Cathedral
My Home Parish:
The Church of St Andrew's, Epworth, Lincolnshire. The original church of the Wesley's.
The St. Matthew's Chalice from Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, presented to Boultham Parish for use in St Mary's Church, Hartsholme, and the Reverend J Redmond.
A selection of Green Man roof bosses from Brant Broughton Church and column capitals from St. Peter's Church, Barton-on-Humber, North Lincolnshire.
Cast Iron Gravemarkers (The Ecclesiological Society Site of the month November 1999)
The Stained Glass Page. A pictorial selection of stained glass old and new, including the work of Kempe, Francis Skeat and others such as Tiffany, Paul Quail, Helen Robinson and Cedar Prest.
The Gruesome Cadaver Tomb. Photographs and information from the fifteenth century cadaver tomb to later monumental images of death and resurrection.
Eleanor Of Castile. Wife And Queen To King Edward I.
The Lincolnshire Uprising of 1536
Bits and Bobs from Around the World
The Rudston Monolith, Rudston, East Yorkshire.
Mrs. Coade's Stone. An article on Coade Stone and its history.
"As Dim As A Toc.H. Lamp": Talbot House, Poperinge, Belgium
Battlefield Debris from WWI.
Water Carriers for Mesopotamia. Lincoln's connection with the Tank
The Menin Gate and Ypres.
A selection of First World War action sites and memorials
The Forgotten Anzac memorial, Adelaide, Australia.
The last European VC of World War II.
ANSON N9857. A Bleak and Lonely Grave on a Scottish Mountain.
Curiosities from Bruges and Cologne.
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