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Coningsby, Lincolnshire.

AChurch of St. Michael.


In the small town of Coningsby is the remarkable clock face of St Michael's Church Visible for miles around, the enormous white face of the clock measures sixteen and a half feet in diameter, and its single hand is fifteen feet in length. This makes it the largest single handed clock in the world. Going back further in time, there is evidence that mammoths roamed the area during the Ice Age, and there was also a Roman settlement here.

Today, the town is home to the Royal Air Force, and at RAF Coningsby, the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight can be seen. The Flight Memorial was established here in 1976 to commemorate the heroic battle, and the one and a half hour guided tour will show you Spitfires, Hurricanes, and the last surviving Lancaster bomber in Britain that flies. These marvellous old planes are still flown in special displays up and down the country, but it is the Lancaster which is perhaps most closely associated with Lincolnshire.




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