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Whilst you might view this as being just another society for the dry and dusty study of what some people may view as a "Way Out" subject (if you will excuse the pun), The Church Monuments Society is really not that sort of organisation at all.

It does indeed study, discuss and produce articles, and display photographs on the subject of memorials to the dead in churches & their surroundings in a very serious way. Yet at the same time it runs coach outings to view particularly outstanding churches and contents, something which very many people do on finding themselves in a strange parish, except these visits very often have the advantage of having the company of some of the leading experts in this field.

A symposium is run at a different place each year where anyone, whether with scholarly knowledge or none, can learn about and enjoy the beauty of the various funerary items found in the churches and the beauty of the architecture also. I have, I hope, progressed from being a student from just a beauty point of view to one who has gained a little scholastic information on the subject. From one who was taken into any open church as a small schoolboy on holiday by his father to someone who has now travelled many thousands of miles throughout Europe, to Singapore and Adelaide area of Australia, Malacca in Malaysia etc, etc. to see and marvel at the many church buildings and contents and search for expert information.

I have lectured and given illustrated talks for the pleasure of the audience to many local and distant societies on a subject which many regarded as extremely morbid. I have lost count of the people who have approached me at the end of a talk and said " I didn't really want to come tonight but I'm very pleased I did, I never realised what interest there is in such a strange subject!" They then realised what they were saying and became all embarrassed yet wanting more information.

Not only does The Church Monuments Society publish a magazine of members interests a couple of times a year it also provides each member with a very fine professional first class journal. It contains articles by some seeking explanations and reasons as to why certain things are, look like or should be as well as learned items by various professors, doctors and other academics.

My main attraction however is still in the sheer beauty of the effigies and carvings, architectural as well as monumental. It has also provided for me an introduction to many people from interested "lay members" to learned academics and artists from both the UK and Europe etc. whose main reason for membership is to meet others of like interests and who are as willing to listen to your theories and explanations as you are to theirs.

Anyone with even a small interest in churches would do well to join.

Members interested in all forms of church monumental and funerary sculpture, sculptors, associated funerary armour, paintings, ledger slabs & brasses, hatchments etc. For more information...

write to:

The Church Monuments Society.
c/o Membership Secretary,
Dr. J. E. Lord,
13 Wragby Road,
Lincoln. LN2 5SH
United Kingdom

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