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Photograph by: Peter Fairweather.
Photograph: Peter Fairweather

Retford Cemetery.



Cast iron cross of Bradshaws type (Refer to Ordsall). Painted white with lettering in black.

The letters were picked out by means of a piece of chamois leather over a cork and being frugal with the paint.

Whilst I was taking this picture a lady came up and asked what I was doing. She turned out to be the mother of the young lad whose name is on the cross.

I gently explained that I was interested in cast Iron grave markers and I asked her if she would mind answering a few questions. When she realised I was not up to no good she agreed.

Ernest, her son had left school at the age of fourteen years and started work, within a couple of weeks he had been taken ill and died shortly after when according to Mrs Wells "His brain turned upside down." By what I could glean it was something like meningitis.

She volunteered the information that the Iron Cross was there "because it was all we could afford at the time.t



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