Cadaver Tombs

Church of St Margaret, Stratton Strawless, Norfolk.

Photograph: Peter Fairweather.

St Margaret's Church. Stratton Strawless. Norfolk.

Monument to Thomas Marsham who died in December 1638. The monument stands accross the east end of a brick south aisle amongst much "Junk" such as old mats, Benches, wooden side altar etc. The whole aisle is screened off from the rest of the church and only accessible from the inner entrance lobby and it is obvious that these monuments are not very highly regarded or well looked after. It is obvious that they are very little visited according to the visitors book. This is not surprising.

Said to be the first monument in Norfolk to represent resurrection, Thomas lies on his left side and his posture is that of someone thrwowing back the bed covers to get out of bed.Above his head are two angels, the left one in the process of blowing the last trump.

Below the effigy the tomb chest has represented a grilled fronted vault or ossuary which shown crammed full of bits and pieces of bones,skulls and hands etc. The obvious severe damage is said to have been caused by bombing during the 1939-1945 war.



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